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The project aims to:

  • provide web access to the published C-CDA Implementation Guide
  • take advantage of the FHIR StructureDefinition Resource to share templates between multiple tooling stacks without manual intervention
  • incorporate guidance from additional supplemental and companion guides published to augment C-CDA.
  • incorporate new templates and new versions of existing templates into the C-CDA repository of templates, which implies a need to update templates in a way that causes all templates referencing a new or updated template to also be versioned.
  • Utilize a common set of tools and processes for implementation guide development and publishing

Project Management Conference Call Information

Background Information

The larger project was developed because the currently Trifolia Workbench tooling used to maintain and publish C-CDA lacks capabilities to support the on-going maintenance and evolutionary needs of the product.  A decision was made by SDWG and the CDA Management Group at the January 2019 WG meeting to require that any future updates to C-CDA would be undertaken in new ways that addressed these goals and produced a web-accessible publication that improved implementer access to the specification.

This task involves 2 phases of work. The first phase was initiated to explore the feasibility of creating an online accessible version of C-CDA R2.1 Volume 1 using Trifolia-on-FHIR. Further, a second phase would use Trifolia-on-FHIR to expand the information in C-CDA R2.1 Volume 1 to include additional guidance developed for the C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide R2 being balloting in July as an early HL7 September Ballot.

To address the larger project, HL7 also has initiated these two additional tasks with other resources to explore the feasibility of creating an online accessible version of C-CDA R2.1 Volume 2 using Trifolia-on-FHIR and/or Art-Décor.

Together, the results of these three tasks will be used to determine a path forward for the ongoing maintenance and evolution of C-CDA R2.1.

Task Force Conference Call Agenda/Minutes

Currently none scheduled.





Lisa Nelsonlnelson@max.mdProject Facilitator
Brett Marquard

Sean McIlvenna
Project Facilitator
Rick Geimer
Project Facilitator
Kai Heitman

Alexander Henket

Wayne Kubick

Project Charters 

1546: Project Summary for Create Volume 1 for C-CDA R2.2 (ONC Grant Project)

Create Volume 1 for C-CDA R2.2 using existing C-CDA R2.1 plus updates being proposed for Companion Guide and using Trifolia on FHIR for this work, so as to keep both of these documents aligned during the C-CDA Companion Guide Ballot Reconciliation

1547: Project Summary for C-CDA Web Publication Tooling (ONC Grant funded project and CTO funded project)

Produce a sustainable, efficient means of publishing new versions of C-CDA as a Web Specification (similar to FHIR)        

Key Project Objectives

  1. Share templates/sd between multiple tooling stacks
  2. See/access/ use CDA templates more easily
  3. Common tools/processes for IG development across CDA and FHIR
    1. Automated validation, diff view of 
  4. Currently unable to sustain C-CDA with current tooling.

        Detailed Project Requirements






      Objectives/ Deliverables

1.Project Summary for Create Volume 1 for C-CDA R2.2 (ONC Grant Project)   

-C-CDA Volume 1 content created and aligned with balloted C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide R2 and in conjunction with tooling revisions and ready for STU Update commenting.

Project Status Report: Exploring the use of Trifolia on FHIR: Create C-CDA R2.2 Volume 1 using FHIR Tooling (July 19, 2019)

2. Project Summary for C-CDA Web Publication Tooling (ONC Grant funded project and CTO funded project)

- Brief design document describing the proposed approach to be implemented.
- Meeting with HL7 HQ Staff and selected Subject Matter Experts (as directed by the HL7 CTO) to verify requirements and review the proposed approach. 
- Delivered proof-of-concept demonstration to evaluate the approach within 6 weeks of contract award, with at least an initial review at the May WGM.

Activities and Schedule

ActivityResponsibleDate ScheduledDate Completed
Project Status demo by Lantana/Trifolia on FHIRLantana6/19/20196/19/2019
Project Status demo by Art DecorArt Decor7/17/20197/17/2019
Project Status report submitted by MaxMDMaxMD7/19/20197/19/2109
CMG Project ReviewCMG7/31/2019

Working Files

NameStatusAdditional Notes

C-CDA R2.2 Volume 1 Creation test using Trifolia-on-FHIR

(Viewing requires a Trifolia-on-FHIR login)

Final DeliverableSee Project Status Report for associated findings regarding tooling readiness to produce the Volume 1 material.

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