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Project Summary

  • The following process has been established and approved by SDWG: the C-CDA R2.1 Rubric Process, it is used to identify and evaluate potential best practice tests (rubrics) that could be added to the C-CDA scoring tools. The current rubric is being utilized by the ONC C-CDA Scorecard. Please review the process and use this page to propose new rubrics.

Current Status

  • Rubric balloted in May 2019 cycle and is going through ballot reconciliation (see attached ballot document)

Meeting Information

  • Will set meetings to start in October 2019 to complete ballot reconciliation

Rubric to Review (anyone can add a rubric they'd like to discuss here)

  • Add a rubric around expectations around encompassing encounters and service events (e.g. patient summaries should not have an encompassing encounter)

Rubrics to be voted on by SDWG (Rubric discussed at a small group level)


Comments Spreadsheet

HL7_C-CDA_RUBRIC_R1_I1 Ballot Comments 9-18-19.xls

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