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SDWG Teleconferences

SDWG Meeting Minutes

The SDWG holds regular (weekly) teleconferences to discuss the various projects we are working on. Both regular and special teleconferences are announced on the email list.

The official teleconference schedule may be found at [HL7 Conference Call Center].

Teleconference Logistics

Teleconferences are generally held on Thursday at 10:00am - 12:00 pm U.S. Eastern. Schedules may be found at Conference Call Center

SDWG now uses a webinar service for its main conference calls. Zoom is used for both screen sharing and voice/dial-in.

Meeting ID: 465 862 913

Passcode: 310940

Phone number: +1 929-436-2866

Agenda Template Instructions

To use the SDWG Agenda template:

  1. From this page, select "..." next to "Create"
  2. Select "Agenda and Minutes" from the templates list
  3. Select "Create"
  4. Title the page "YYYY-MM-DD Agenda and Minutes"
  5. Select the Date from the date-picker
  6. Edit the page contents
  7. Select "Save"

Meetings prior to March 2018 were tracked in the WIKI.

Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
08 May 2020Austin Kreisler2020-05-07 Agenda and Minutes
  • Andrew Statler put on the agenda to identify the resources that will be on the list for the review for SD for harmonization.  
28 May 2020Andrew Statler2020-05-19 Agenda and Minutes Vocab/SD Joint Meeting
28 May 2020Austin Kreisler2020-05-19 Agenda and Minutes Vocab/SD Joint Meeting
16 Jul 2020Andrew Statler2020-07-09 Agenda and Minutes
Andrew Statler2020-06-18 Agenda and Minutes
  • Robert Dieterlewill update the PSS to reflect that Structured Documents has approved this motion
Robert Dieterle2020-06-18 Agenda and Minutes
Austin Kreisler2020-06-18 Agenda and Minutes
  • Sarah Gauntwill send out the spreadsheet with all the changes.
Sarah Gaunt2020-06-18 Agenda and Minutes
  •  Andrew to follow-up and make sure to get to the TSC
2020-06-04 Agenda and Minutes
  • by Vocabulary
2020-05-19 Agenda and Minutes Vocab/SD Joint Meeting

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