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FHIR-25438Clarify scope of Composition resource

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Block Vote #2

12560unable to navigate - fix navbar and headerEric HaasThis seems to be for C-CDA on FHIR. I believe this is fixed already and have asked Eric if he is willing to withdraw his comment.

Block Vote #1 (5/23/2019)

Motion: Sean/Gay, Passed 19-1-0

20352Additional DocumentReference subjectsElliot SilverSmall modification to DocumentReference's "subject" to support more types of subjects. 
15723Problems with Documents guideRichard TownleyPretty clear what is requested. Seems straight-forward. 
17178GET generate operation on DocumentReference is inappropriateLloyd McKenzieResolution is proposed. 
19823Add content.attachment.creation param on DocRefJohn MoehrkeQuick and easy.
19860Add docStatus search param on DocRefDanielle FriendQuick and easy.
20351Remove context→EpisodeOfCare in DocRef; add extensionElliot SilverConsistency with other resources
19974$document shouldn't wrap doc-bundle inside searchsetPatrick WernerChanges to the description of the $document operation.

Issue Review (21 Nov 2019)

19732Additional constraints for ClinicalDocument profile

SDWG does not have the resources to work on this issue at this time.  

19820US Core Encounter Type only lists AMA codes NOT SNOMED codes

This has been disposed as non-persuasive.  

19973document operation is triaged wrong

This has been disposed as persuasive with mod.  

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