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This projects intent to provide a framework within which the Structured Documents Work Group will develop and maintain a set of CDA Implementation Guide quality criteria. Sources for the criteria may include the following:

  • Existing CDA IG quality criteria developed by the Structured Documents Work Group
  • Standards Governance Board (SGB) precepts
  • Template quality criteria identified by the Templates work group
This project covers the development of the initial set of CDA IG quality criteria as well as the ongoing maintenance of those criteria.

The project will identify the process for updating/maintaining the criteria going forward as we find criteria lacking, ineffective, inherently subjective, inappropriate, or in some other way insufficient to serve as an objective quality criteria statement for this purpose. The project will address the following:

  • How can changes be submitted/recommended?
  • How will they be reviewed?
  • How will they be approved?
  • Will we use versioning to track the criteria release?

The project intends to use the Draft for Comment ballot approach to allow the CDA community to submit comments on the proposed quality criteria. The project envisions seeking such feedback every 1-2 years, or when substantive changes are made to the quality criteria. The project team will incorporate the feedback into the proposed quality criteria and seek Structured Documents approval of the quality criteria. Once approved by the work group the CDA IG quality criteria will be made available to CDA IG developers and the CDA Management Group (CDA-MG). The CDA-MG determines when and how to utilize the CDA-IG quality criteria.


Important Information


CDA Implementation Guide Quality Criteria Maintenance (Project ID - 1480)

Current PSS

HL7_PSS_SDWG_CDAIG_Quality_Criteria_Maintenance - 20190122.docx

Old Versions:

HL7_PSS_SDWG_CDAIG_Quality_Criteria_Maintenance - 20181214.docx

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