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Facilitator: Austin Kreisler



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10:00am ET

  1. Call to order 
  2. Call for Attendance

  3. Joint with CDAMG. SDWG Hosting

    IG Quality Criteria

    CDA Quality Plan

    CDA Roadmap


Joint with CDAMG. SDWG Hosting

  1. IG Quality Criteria
    Remaining issues are largely related to word-smithing, some duplicate content. Not sure this session is a good place to discuss these issues; not best use of time? After this initial draft, will be looking at ways to make it even better. Lisa went through the version of the quality criteria that russ updated and made quite a few comments on the draft.
    Discussions about how best to use this time-slot. Going to review Lisa's comments on the draft.
    Would like to get a base-line of this IG out, and then consider Lisa's comments as a "next iteration".
    Russ's comments largely editorial. Going to send the comments out to the list serve for review... If no objection by next week, will accept his comments.
    Looking at a couple of Russ's comments. Questioning whether or not "SHOULD" should be used instead of "SHALL" in "best practice" statements.

  2. CDA Quality Assurance Plan
    Lisa presents the document for review as a group.
    Goal 1: Increase awareness of the CDA quality plan
    Goal 2: Ddevelop fundable standards sustainability programs
    Goal 3; Establish FHIR as a primary standard
    Need to define checklists for each point of the workflow.
    Work over the next few weeks will be to leverage the work in the IG Quality Criteria to apply it to the QAP.
    Austin challenges that this document is largely not CDA-specific.

  3. CDA Roadmap
    Lisa N reviews the roadmap. Started in 2017, started with a three-year roadmap, ending in "Reach the plateau of productivity, shared publication tooling stack w/ FHIR, more uses of C-CDA data, industry engaged in content erichment".
    Identified some activities in 2017 that would require multiple years of work.
    Over the 2020 summer, been solidifying a new roadmap, looking at another 3-year roadmap. The roadmap will be updated every year.
    Focus on moving to a shared publication tool stack.
    Austin/Calvin concerned about the scope of C-CDA in this roadmap; SDWG is responsible for C-CDA roadmap, not CDAMG.


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