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Austin Kreisler






From Agenda:

  • CDA IG Ballot Reconciliation 
    • deferred
  • Companion Guide Block vote items announced Sept. 5th (labeled the Sept. 12th block vote) on listserv 
    • 29 comments in the block from 4 people - none were requested to be removed.  
    • Motion to approve the block  made by Lisa, Second by Ben  8 approve, 2 abstain, 0 against  Motion passes
  • Companion Guide Reconcile (Lisa R. Nelson)
  • UTC Timezone Offsets from Implementation-a-Thon (IAT)
    • From the IAT a discussion on the UTC Timezone Offsets were discussed.  Item #186, pg 86 requested that UTC be used for the time references.  
    • The group discussed the concept of local time, UTC, and date time precision. The triage indicates it not persuasive with mod. 
  • CDA IG Quality Criteria Ballot Reconciliation
    •  #68 - Criterion 23 - are linked to coded elements within templates...   - change request - Normative Binding Syntax   the issue seems related to the tooling vs old manual syntax. This needs some additional definition of the components.  no answer
    • #69  - each value set is referenced by an OID in the binding, and the tabular listing which summarizes the value set in the guides.  Persuasive with mod -  need to add a new criterion to (best practice) to include a URL to the ValueSet expansion in the value set definition. 
      • Review the Disposition on #69 - this will come out in a block.



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