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Austin Kreisler







SDWG Attendence Sheet - with Cross-Group Project WG (SDWG Hosting)

From Agenda:

  • Discussion on the transition of the US Core work to Cross-Group


Cross Group Project WG - 2 co-chairs are present.  

Project Management - US Core 

Brett has arrived 

Discussion of how to transition the US Core.  There were some concerns about moving the project during the ballot, and publication.   We will have the second hour of the SDWG call be joint with SDWG hosting and the Cross Group Project.  There may be need to have a vote on TSC at the point of transfer of the project. 

The move will occur after the US Core is published.  The new group will be meeting every two weeks.  There is a need to check with Dave to handle the move.

Motion: the US Core project have its ownership change from SDWG to Cross Group Project WG pending final  publication of its current STU Update.  

Moved: Jean,  Jeff seconded - discussion.  Vote; Opposed: 0 Abstain: 0 For: 13 motion passes 

There was discussion about the C-CDA, it was discussed that the Cross Group Project WG might co-sponsor on the maintenance on C-CDA templates moving in the future. 

There was a discussion about what would be coming next for   US Core.  Brett thought that as implementation of new content is in production, it might be useful to move forward.  

US CSI and US Core - if some thing ends up in UC Core doesn't mean it is required or in CDI.  US CDI will have it's own process. 

The US Core Steering Committee - may need consider what needs to be added to the scope of the US Core. We could use a policy to limit changes to an existing scope without having the US Realm Steering Committee. 

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