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Austin Kreisler






From Agenda:


  • US Core Comment resolution
    • Comments closed on Tuesday - there were 50 comments, 7 for today.
    • #23856 - Medication Resources re: Floyd - identified that there are cases when orders are fulfilled sometimes outside the context. The US Core is planning on using the MedicationRequest to capture the active medications, planned, reported and active.  Rewording was proposed on a number of resources in Medication. 
      • Refer to the disposition in gforge  - #23856 Motion by: Brett, Second: Jenny - there was a friendly amendment which was accepted. The disposition is in GForge 
      • Vote:  Against: 0 Abstain: 1  For: 11  - Motion passed
    • #24648 - US Core and R4 is using a reference for a lot of different resources.   Now in R4 any contained Practitioner Role and with the change to References there is an issue in identifying the metadata for the referenced resources . This is an issue related to PractionerRole.  The guidance about contained resources should be based in US Core. The group suggested that it would be useful to have another section about "Contain" resources and their adherence to US Core.  
      • They will add a paragraph in Referencing US Core Profiles  
      • Motion to accept the disposition - Brett, Second Jenni  ,  Vote: Opposed 0 Abstain: 0 For: 12  Motion passes
    • #24647 - US Core must write and support
      • There is guidance on Write missing from the guide. Every resource that is part of US CDI  - conceptual needs to support to write. There was some discussion on the options to manage the issue. They will add a content into the section - future of US Core, to identify the current support for write.
      • Motion to accept the disposition on #24647   by Brett Second by Jenni   Vote: Opposed: 0 Abstain: 0 For: 12 motion passes
    • 24632 - US Core - diagnostic reports, one for Labs and one for Reports.  There is no requirements for structure in the Reports.  Two different search, one profile two types, doing a search by type we do not know the Profile. The idea is to align them, but it should not matter.  It is proposed that we align them and update them to SHALL.  Motion to approve disposition 24632 - made by Brett, Second by Jenni - Vote: Opposed: 0 Abstain: 0 For: 12  motion passes
    • #24451 - There was some discussion on some revisions.  Motion to accept the disposition: by Brett, Second Jenni - Vote: Against: 0 Abstain: 0 For; 12 motion passes
    • #24646 - issue related to SpO2 - and changing the OR to AND in the reference to the two measurements related. 
      • A proposed disposition is created. This will be moved to a block
    • #23639 - Room air topic will be discussed at a different time. 
    • There will be a block vote going out tonight - 37.
    • FHIR Trackers - Sean


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