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Austin Kreisler







  • Housekeeping/Business
    • PBS Metrics
    • Workgroup Health
    • Other?
  • Ballot Updates
  • Planned Ballots
  • (CDA-MG meeting Parlor 1103 separately)


  • Housekeeping/Business
    • PBS Metrics -
      • The committee reviewed the unpublished ballots
      • The Pilot WIKI based Ballot Editing - need to check on closing
      • Virtual C-CDA Implementation-a-thon (IAT) - need to close 
      • CDA on FHIR - no longer needed. We should close that project down
      • C-CDA on FHIR - We will request that they extend the dates, as it is active. 
      • The co-chairs will review the these 
    • Idle ballot items for Structured Documents has items which should not be on the list.
    • Workgroup Health -Gold Star
    • Ballot Updates 
    • CDA IG Quality Criteria - is still in reconcillation 
    • US Core R4 - STU Update 
    • Advanced Care Plan - 
    • Companion Guide Reconciliation 
  • Planned Ballots
    • None were identified
  • (CDA-MG meeting Parlor 1103 separately)


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