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Gay Dolin







  • Agenda Review
  • UCUM C-CDA Errata # 1856 (John D'Amore )
    • John discussed some of the current issues related to the UCUM.  The previous errata modified the reference to use UCUM to a value set of 800+ codes.  The proposal is that the dose quantity should be based in the value set.  After some discussion it was decided that the unit if present, it SHALL be UCUM, and SHOULD 
    • Lisa made a motion to accept the disposition on #1856 and Calvin second. Against: 0 Abstain: 0 For: 11 motion passes. 
  • Personal Advanced Care Plan  (Lisa R. Nelson) (??? minutes)
    • Results from the ballot, passed.   93 comments, 14% negative, 
  • Companion Guide Ballot Resolution
    • Can a normative fall back to STU if there are substitutive changes. 

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