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MondayMay 14AMQ1






CDA Management Group report-out

 Brett Calvin 

 Update on the Stylesheet project (Lisa to check with Alexander)

DSTU Comment: (Sarah/Gay)

  • This comment needs a resolution before some of the Pregnancy Ballot Reconciliation can proceed.

Pregnancy Status Supplemental Templates Ballot Reconciliation

Supplemental Template publishing challenges (Sarah)




Gay  Calvin Brett
TuesdayMay 15AMQ1


SDWG Hosting

Hosting: FHIR-I (Grahame representing FHIR)

    • CDA Logical Model Review (confirm Grahame's attendance)
    • C-CDA to FHIR mapping connectethon report-out (Lisa/Gay)
    • Reusable Sections (Amnon)
    • RelatedDocument (e.g Transform, replace etc.) for Transformed Documents (both directions): Best practice and options (Gay)
    • Administrative Item
 Brett Calvin 


Vocab Hosting

SD Joint w/Vocab;

Value Set Update report-out (joint with vocab)

Send reps to Patient Care: Clinical Notes in FHIR

 (vocab hosting/chairing) Calvin 

Gay (to CQI w CDS and FHIR)

Brett ot PC



 HAI (FHIR and CDA) ballot reconciliation (Sarah) Gay Michael Calvin, Brett

 PC Hosting

Patient Care: Negation, Allergy Intolerance

PC hosting OO, Vocab, Clin Genomics, CIMI, SD, Pharmacy Agenda: Negation + AllergyIntolerance substance value set

 (PC Hosting/Chairing)  

Calvin, Brett, Andrew

WednesdayMay 16AMQ1  Cancelled  Calvin 

Gay (to CQI w CIMI and CDS), Michael

AMQ2  Pregnancy Status Supplemental Templates Ballot Reconciliation Gay Calvin 
PMQ3  Ballot Reconciliation on CDA R2.1 (Calvin) Gay Michael 
PMQ4  ODH Ballot Rec (Lori Forquet) Gay Michael 
ThursdayMay 17AMQ1

 PC Hosting

Patient Care: Care Plan

PC hosting SD, Pharm, LHS Agenda: All things care plan and care coordination.

  • Pharmacy CDA Templates ballot comments - can we discuss Thursday Q1 in PC Joint Session

(No room needed -Gay notified Mary Ann)

 (PC Hosting/Chairing)  Brett

 PC Hosting

Patient Care: CareTeam, C-CDA on FHIR, Clinical Statement Clinical Status.

  • Clinical statement status vs. clinical status
  • Template and value set ownership by domain work groups discussion

PC hosting SD, Templates Proposed agenda: Template update (Template co-chair/rep) Template versioning; Structured Doc/CDA update (SDWG co-chairs) Patient Care update: Allergy/Intolerance harmonization C-CDA and FHIR

(No room needed -Gay notified Mary Ann)

 (PC Hosting/Chairing)  Brett
PMQ3    Gay Calvin
PMQ4    Gay 

Andrew, Calvin

FridayMay 18AMQ1

 Templates Hosting

 Review the WGM meetings and followup Administrative tasks   

Gay, Calvin,



AMQ2  No Meeting for SDWG   
PMQ3  No Meeting for SDWG   
PMQ4  No Meeting for SDWG   


Ballot Reconciliation
Joint Session
Session with representatives of