Easy to understand timelines and dates for ballot preparation process

From proposed agenda:

  • Determine all places deadlines are posted
  • Collect all items
  • Determine plan collect all the input for managing deadlines
  • Determine how best to combine all these input into a single process to represent the many deadlines
  • Reflect how these deadlines impact each other

Discussion items


Where are deadlines postedall

Set expectationsLloydNeed to re-set expectations on submitting a PSS to expect to ballot
  How to representLynn 
  • should try some other timelines, Gantt chart, representations to see what the TSC is interested in
  • Lloyd thinks Publishing WG should look at our draft before TSC


Need plan by 12/11 to share with TSC to have new calendars by 2019JAN WGM

Lloyd would also like FMG/Publishing input; Lynn asks about other AWS publishing buckets for CIMI, CQL, CDS Hooks, CDA R2.1

Roll out the process for 2019MAY

Evaluate 2019SEP

Action items