Attendees: Craig, Elizabeth, Tony, Frank, Riki, Brian, Lynn
Chair: Brian Pech
Scribe: Riki Merrick

  • V2.9 ballot
  • Management Group Council update:
  • V2+ Discussion

Management Group Council update:
CDA / FHIR / SGB / Austin:

  • Use the ballot calendar and share that via the co-chair list
    • Only V2 specific
  • Use the decision log for major decisions
    • Tony designed a macro to capture in minutes and then confluence can populate the decision log
    • Definition for substantive changes – Tony has been involved here for v2, will recirculate to management groups
  • Way to publish errata in a different way
  • CDA will be reaching out to WG to help with maintenance of templates
  • For larger projects HL7 is considering paying reviewers to ensure we have quality products
  • Business Architecture Model (BAM) – http://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/private/standards_temp_65DB2BB4-1C23-BA17-0C7F6A4030153B67/ARB/HL7_BAM_R1_INFORM_2016FEB.pdfADD LINK
    • MContains more detail on expectations for management groups


  • https://confluence.hl7.org/display/INM/V2+PlusADD LINK TO THE PAGE TONY SENT out
  • Will be using the same constructs as folks are using in FHIR, but the meaning of these constructs are the same
  • Will be using a downward constraining approach
  • How to combine a few of the documents that are describing v2 (e.g. the examples, XML representation guide, schema definitions)
  • In the V2+ tooling WG we have discussed 2 approaches – no change from discussions currently, but we want to a
    • Designating some of the withdrawn fields as still usable and adopt the latest version
    • Picking an older version as the base of an IG and pre-adopt elements from the newer versions
  • IGAMT tooling may need to be adjusted to support the newer representation of the constructs (Must support instead of optionality)
  • Amit comment was intended to state web technology instead of pdf
  • Motion that V2 Management group endorse movement towards Tony, Frank
  • further discussion: is there additional information from the V2+ PSS (#1222) that we can put a better reference (ADD LINK) – need to update the PSS on confluence and then send to Dave Hamil for updating project insight
  • Set up V2+ confluence page that describes some more of the decisions INM, Conformance and V2 Management
  • Need to organize some of the confluence pages – should be under V2 Management
  • Against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 6
  • Action: Send link to meeting minutes and the INM statement page to SGB and TSC

V2.9 ballot

  • Looking at the ballot spreadsheet
  • Chapter 1 comments – no editors assigned to it - Brian will check on it
  • Create a confluence page for V2 editor list and update the wiki to point to the new page
  • Motion to assign all of the A-T and work with Lynn and Frank to run the formatting macros and adjust the publication accordingly and testing pdf conversion to determine where the issues are introduced; bring any non-AT items back to the group for review
    • Craig Newman, Riki Merrick
    • further discussion:
      • seems to be a conversion to pdf issue
      • the way word is handling formatting is based on dot file configuration
      • it seems to be a word issue (2007 or 365 or other word version issue)
      • we also have macros to check that the styleguide is applied correctly
      • Frank currently extracts content form the word documents into his dB, then converts it to html for the webpage representation
      • Need to figure out a good way to have editing performed prior to extracting in to the dB going forward – what to use is TBD
      • Discussion about what the source of truth will be for V2+
    • Against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 7
  • #34 and #105: Motion to refer to Lynn to fix numbering – similar to
    • Craig Newman, Riki Merrick
    • No further discussion
    • Against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 7
  • #98: This is related to Chapter 2C – chapter 2C content is created from a dB and adding the chapter numbers is unreasonable additional work that does not create additional value
    • Motion to find not persuasive – Riki, Craig
    • Further discussion: It is doable
    • Against: 0, abstain: 2, in favor: 5
  • #183, #184, #185: Motion to find persuasive and fix any typos that are in the proposed wording, since this is approved text from prior WG, it is clarifying text that was not applied
    • Riki Merrick, Craig Newman
    • No further discussion
    • Against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 7
  • # Motion Was there a specific comment # here?to find persuasive and address the comments in the respective spreadsheets individually
    • Riki Merrick, Craig Newman
    • No further discussion
    • Against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 6
  • Riki to send instruction email to Co-Chair list about how to use the google ballot spreadsheet

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