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    • Attendees
      Brian Pech - chair/scribeKaiser
      Scott RobertsonKaiser
      Frank OemigHL7 - Germany


Discussion items


Approve minutes WGM from Jan 16, 2019 Q1Motion to approve: Scott/Frank

Carried 2-0-0

  Discussion of merging Publishing WG with Electronic Services & Tooling 

 Frank suggests we have discussion at the next WGM in Montreal to discuss issues that arise from merging Publishing into EST. How do relevant groups and parties participate in this future state? We need representatives from EST, Publishing, V2MG, other management groups to come to a consensus on how to accomplish this and meet their ongoing needs. Frank recommends a joint quarter with all the concerned parties to discuss these issues.

Brian mentioned that Product Line Architecture is considering establishing a Specialty Product Management Group that would over products like Arden, V3 related materials, functional specifications, etc.

Look at Merger request document - deferred pending discussion at WGM.

V2.9 Ballot Recon.defer and follow up with Lynn.

Lynn Laakso knows which ballot items publishing needs to review

V2.9 NIB

Brian Pech Ping Riki and Craig to see who will fill out the NIB for this coming cycle

Next call - Feb 26 at 3 PM EST.

Action items