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Discussion items

Ballot updatesLynn
  • Discussion of Jan. 2019 ballot status - There's a new recirculation ballot for FhIR R4, Patient resource, from the May 2018 cycle. Notification has been sent to the re-circulation consensus group.
  • There are two current prospective ballot items that are having their project scope statements reviewed on an urgent basis by their steering divisions.
  • The Privacy and Security Architecture Framework - Trust Framework for Federated Authorization Vol. 3 (V3) will likely have to change from a normative ballot to an informative one.

New Publishing CalendarLynnBrief overview of new publishing calendar available on Confluence.
  Any other business  Next call on Dec. 11 at 3 PM EST.

Action items

  • Brian Pech  Contact James Agnew and see if he can make the next call.