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Scribe: Anne Wizauer





Lorraine Constable

xWayne Kubick
xJosh Procious
xDave Hamill
xAnne Wizauer

Jean Duteau

Patrick Loyd

Mary Kay McDaniel

Floyd Eisenberg
xAustin Kreisler

Paul Knapp
xMelva Peters

Agenda Topics

  • Ability for a Management Group to “Opt out” - that doesn’t make sense - they need to either review or reject.
  • Review and reconciliation of comments - 
    • When should the status move to “TSC Review” - only if all have approved and/or opted out?
    • What if a group rejects?  
    • Who is notified and who does the review?

  • Automatically add Steering Division and Management Groups to sub-tasks based on PSS
    • It seems that this shouldn’t be left to TSC Review to determine this was missed and then have to send back
    • Can we add them in automatically and include them in consensus review?


Discussion over whether management groups should be allowed to opt out.

Reviewed How to Create a PSS PILOT v2

Reviewed How to Review a PSS PILOT v2. Need a checklist. Should change approved to responded.  What if there are unresolved issues? If there are still issues at the end of the review period, then it goes to the TSC. If it's still within the review period, the sponsoring WG should resolve. The review period could be extended if necessary for two weeks.

Can reviewing groups be automated based on what is filled in on the PSS? Should steering division review consist of PBS metrics assurance?

Should have some guidance on how to comment on these, for example how to suggest cosponsors interested parties.

Reviewed How to Create and Review a Project Proposal

  • When would it be escalated to TSC? If no sponsor is identified or if it is deemed to be not something we should be doing it is escalated. Otherwise, if no issues, it moves to Create PSS.

Discussion over timing of pilots. Proposals can be rolled out soon. Decision to do training over the summer for PSS.

Should do a TSC simulation.

Discussion over messaging depending on what type of review is required for proposal.

====== Notes from process definition

Start PSS flow:

  1. At what point does the pss get created from the project concept form
    1. The pss gets created when the sponsor work group is ready, triggered by a manual action or button click by the sponsoring workgroup
    2. This may be soon after the project concept is approved, or weeks/months later, when work is ready
    3. When pss is created, fields from project concept will pre- populate into form
  2. How does the WG identify who should specifically look at the proposal
    1. WG needs a way to indicate who co-sponsors and other groups might be, but any group can request to join during the consensus review process
  3. Discuss categories of pss so groups can subscribe to, or watch specific categories
    1. While this is possible, the group agreed to keep it simple to start, and send all pss's to the whole group. Individuals can always watch pages.
    2. We need to verify that participants in a specific pss discussion are on the watch list and are notified of any changes after they comment.
  4. Identify minimum number of reviewers?
    1. Do we need to track whether Steering Divisions. Management Groups, etc have reviewed?
    2. Maybe Steering Division chairs are responsible to make sure the appropriate parties have looked at the appropriate pss's.
    3. discussed this, never really settled on a consensus
  5. Do we need to identify when a commenter is speaker on own behalf or representing their Work Group or committee
    1. Yes, commenters need to indicate the group they are representing, if there is one, or indicate that it is individual feedback
  6. Any escalation points for review / feedback - subsequent emails if no response?
    1. We do need escalation points, this needs further elaboration - perhaps a two week reminder if responses not forthcoming
  7. Once someone has commented do they need to be notified when something changes?
    1. see answer to question 3
  8. Once consensus period closes, sponsoring WG needs to review and accept/act on comments or reject the specific feedback. Disagreements will be handled during the TSC review
  9. TSC reviews all feedback / updates, seeks further info if needed,  and approves or rejects the pss

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document

Consensus Review steps

Draft steps for Consensus Review


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