Pilot participants: Please record your comments relate to the PSS Workflow using Jira

Pilot #2 - starting June 22, 2021

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Pilot #1

DateNameJira IssueFeedbackResponseNext StepsDiscussionSTATUS
11/26/2021Zabrina GonzagaPSS-1688

Issue:  Unable to Enter External Code Systems.   

Description: When selecting "yes" for External Code System.  A sub-task was not created to allow me to enter the external vocabularies we plan to use.  For now, I left this information in the comment.

 The sub-task for the External Code System will be created when the PSS moves to Consensus Review.  We will look at creating this sub-task when you move to WG Approval.

Review with PSS Workflow Team

Look at adding external code system early - maybe in draft when box is checked.  Also what questions should be asked.

Clarify when to select this box.

  • Need to discuss with HTA - when should projects check this box. 
  • What information should be included for HTA?

21/26/2021Zabrina GonzagaPSS-1688

Issue: Stakeholder, Instructions.    

Description: Under "Stakeholders", the instructions specify to select  "shift" to multi-select options.  However,  selecting "shift" selects all the options.  Selecting "ctrl" will allow you to multi-select options.

 Will fix on the form

Will fix help text
31/26/2021Zabrina GonzagaPSS-1688

Issue: Stakeholder, drop down option.   

Description: Recommend separating "EHR, PHR"  to two separate options.  In the case of our project, only EHR was applicable and not PHR.

 These selections were created from the original PSS choices.  The decision was to leave them as they are.  Choose the option that is closest.

Discuss with PSS Workflow team to see if we want changeUpdate list to generalize/broadenFIXED - new list of stakeholders applied
41/26/2021Zabrina GonzagaPSS-1688

Issue:  Ballot Cycle and Timeline Visibility

I've had two people ask me to specify the timeline and ballot cycle for this PSS.  I would recommend that a separate field be created to specify the target ballot cycle or ask for the instruction for the description for the project team to include a draft timeline.  Though the information is in the Product Info, it's not intuitive for people to scroll all the way to the right.  But, maybe this will get easier with use.

 This will be reviewed once the pilot is completed.  

This is a learning curve for users.  Needs to be done as it is.

Review with PSS Workflow Team

Consider combining Year and month for target cycle

Lineage: change to a new label and add a description

Can it be structured?

51/27/2021Caroline Potteiger PSS-1686

Is there a reason "supplement to a current standard" was removed as an option for "project intent"? 

 This will be reviewed once the pilot is completed

Review with PSS Workflow Team

A supplement is a standard and therefore should select either New Standard for the first release and New Release for subsequent release.

No change.



Melva PetersPSS-1690Normative Notification email did not include link to the PSS in Jira

 Will fix

Will fix


Melva PetersPSS-1688FMG sub-task was not created even though FHIR was identified as a Product


Will confirm this has been fixed


Melva Peters
Email notifications do not include date when review must be completed - says "issue.dueDate"

 Will fix

Will fix


SDWG Demo Comment
Should the sponsoring Work Group be able to "opt out"
Review with PSS Workflow Team

If a WG decides to opt-out, it would stop the project and a new sponsor would needed.

Project Team would need to find a new sponsor and update the PSS.

Need to look at what happens if you change the sponsoring work group.



SDWG Demo Comment
How do we prevent edits being made to the PSS by others - for example when they are adding a Work Group as a co-sponsor
Review with PSS Workflow Team - currently there is nothing preventing edits on the Confluence version

No change needed.

Documentation/training issue.

Project team/sponsoring Work Group should know to review all changes.



SDWG Demo Comment
Is there a way to have a WG log in to respond to sub-tasks or add comments

Only individuals can log in.  Would have to comment on individual sub-task on behalf of WG.

Review with PSS Workflow team - is there a need for a WG to comment to say they have reviewed so they can keep track?

No way to log in as a group.

Look to see if a field for Work Groups to check off if they have reviewed and that can be used as a filter.

Register "on behalf of"? - is there a way to do this?

Creating a Confluence page with a link to a Jira issue that can be used to track - create a template that WGs can use. 



Melva Peters
Create a set of FAQs
Will create FAQs



Melva Peters
Update listener page on Confluence to include Jira PSSNew listener page createdConsider adding Due Date for those in Consensus Review


Caroline Potteiger

Suggest adding the External Code System Sub-task earlier in the process so that content can be added.

Update documentation 

See #1

152/3/2021Zabrina GonzagaPSS-1688Provide guidance who can update PSS ( e.g. primary sponsor and Project team )
Review with PSS Workflow Team - currently there is nothing preventing edits on the Confluence version

162/4/2021Lorraine ConstablePSS-1688

OO also discussed the guidance around updates in our call today. It seems appropriate that people can make non-substantive / typo updates. However, substantive changes should be suggested and discussed with the primary sponsor  and resolved as the consensus period comes to a conclusion. The project team and the sponsors with need to discuss substantive changes.

OO thinks this is an education issue as we learn to use the new process, rather than a required system change

Review with PSS Workflow Team - currently there is nothing preventing edits on the Confluence version

172/11/2020Zabrina GonzagaPSS-1688Please consider adding a field or instructions on where co-sponsor(s) may specify the method and frequency to be kept inform on the project.

Could add that to the co-sponsoring WG Sub-task

Review with PSS Workflow Team

Include questions in co-sponsor sub-task
182/11/2021Lisa Nelson
Structured Documents Work Group appears in the drop down list at Structured Documents Work Work Group. Once of the Works needs to be removed.
Will fix
192/17/2021Zabrina Gonzaga
Please provide a definition on "external content" (e.g. specific to previously developed IG content)

From Lorraine Constable, Here is a link to the formal definition:

Definition: External Content

Will update


Austin Kreisler
Need to have a way for a WG to identify which Project Proposals and PSS that they have reviewed.  WGs spending time reviewing issues that have already been reviewed.

Review with PSS Workflow team - is there a need for a WG to comment to say they have reviewed so they can keep track?

WG can create a Confluence page to track which issues they have reviewed or they can add a comment to the PSS.

212/17/2021Lorraine Constable
For OO, we created a proposal and pss triage page to help us drive our reviews OO Project Proposal Triage. The intent is that co-chairs will take turns doing triage and then bring the most crucial content to the work group
Could create a template for use by WGs

222/17/2021Lorraine Constable
We are getting "there is a new pss for you to review" multiple times for the same pss. This creates additional work for triage. At a minimum it would help to have the PSS number in the subject line so you could tell you have already handled it.

Will confirm that this has been fixed.

Can add the PSS issue id to the Subject Line



Melva Peters
Need process to close a PSS if it is not going move forward - currently it sits in "Draft" status
Review with PSS Workflow TeamNeed to be able to "cancel" a PSS - and then to re-openFIXED


Melva Peters
Need communication for WGs on reviewing PSS - do not add a sub-task in to "approve" if you are not a co-sponsor
Will update documentation


Melva Peters
Update PSS form for External Terminology to define when this box should be checked off
See #1



Melva Peters
Prevent the addition of a second sponsoring Work Group
Will fix to limit selection to 1 sponsoring WG throughout Workflow


Melva Peters
Confirm permissions and who can update sub-tasks and parent issue
See #15



Anne Wizauer
Do not see that listserve emails were sent to cochairs/subtask groups alerting them to review 1706. 
I also see that the cochair list received notification re: 1688, but do not see an email to FMG or US Realm lists re: their subtasks (did not check the rest)

Confirm that this has been fixed


Anne Wizauer
Checked the HTA listserve; they have not received any emails at all regarding PSS submissions with external terminologies

 the issue with the list serve has been fixed - for HTA, FMG, USRSC

Confirm that this has been fixed


Melva Peters
Update documentation on how to view the list of PSS and how to add overall comments (on parent) vs adding comments by named groups with sub-tasks
Update documentation/training



Melva Peters
When you delete a comment on a sub-task, the copied comment is not deleted from the parent issue
Will review with PSS Workflow TeamIf comment is deleted from sub-task, should delete the comment that was copiedFIXED


Melva Peters
Need to be able to progress past WG approval before HL7 Managed Repository is required
Move restriction to later in workflow - before TSC review must have HL7 Managed Repository added.  Will need to add a notification if it is being held before transitioning.


Dave Hamill
Project Insight Id - currently adding to the comments
Add field to capture the Project Id or find a better way to do this
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