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Proposed JIRA Workflow (2020-04-08)


  • QC Review - HL7 Staff plus additional TSC members
    • will be reviewed for completeness
    • if there is a proposed sponsor, does it seem appropriate
      • if appropriate, goes out for 2 weeks review period
    • what should the review period be?
      • assume 2 week review as a baseline - can go out for 2 more weeks if no comments and can allow additional time to review and reconcile comments
  • Every R1 PSS must go through this
  • At TSC Escalation - email notification to Austin, Wayne and Anne
    • need a new role for TSC Leadership
  • 2 days before review period ends - send an email notification to WG list, co-chairs list and TSC list - "x WG has been identified as a sponsor for this project proposal...if you have concerns, please review and comment" or "the review period for this project proposal ends on xxx - please review and comment"

Status/Buttons at each stage:

  • Draft - Submit button →QC Review
  • QC Review - Send to Review → In Review
  • In Review - Triage Button
  • Triage - Escalate to TSC Leadership → TSC Review or Accept → Initiate PSS or Needs Revision buttons →In Review
  • TSC Review - Accept → Initiate PSS or Reject → Rejected or Needs Revision →in Review

New Project Idea

  • Who: Work Group, Project or Governance Group
  • Why: to register the intent to initiate a project and to notify others of the intended project and seek sponsor (primary goal), co-sponsors and interested parties
  • How:  Submit "Project Proposal Form"
    • Will be required by ALL projects for R1 specifications
    • Not required for

      • projects to produce new versions of previously published standards

      • projects to complete a reaffirmation, withdrawal, or re-circulation ballot

Project Proposal Form


  • email sent to HL7 Staff/TSC resources to curate - status is "Draft"


The following process flows includes all steps and status changes.  Orange boxes indicate changes needed to JIRA Workflow


  • Form curated by HL7 staff and TSC resources
    • Initial QC step will include review by TSC resources plus curator for:
      • completeness -
        • if incomplete or unclear which Work Groups it should go to, will send back to project proponent
      • if a sponsoring WG is identified, is it appropriate for the project?
    • will trigger automated emails to be sent out to Co-Chairs and TSC lists asking for review 
  • Review period will be 2 weeks with an option for 2 additional 2 weeks if needed to solicit more feedback
    • may give 2 additional weeks for review and reconciliation of comments
    • Review opens for 2 week period
    • After 2 weeks - curator reviews to determine if there is input
      • if yes, moves to next step
      • if no, send reminder email to co-chair list and TSC Admin list and review remains open for 2 more weeks
    • If multiple work groups identify that they are interested in sponsoring - ideally they should discuss and come to a consensus which WG will sponsor
    • One of the WGs can identify themselves as the sponsor by:
      • editing the "Sponsoring Work Group" field - to remove other WGs
      • add a comment to document the WG that is asserting they will be the WG
    • At end of review - HL7 Staff performs curation
      • Only curator can perform the triage.
      • Options
        • ESCALATE TO TSC LEADERSHIP - Status = TSC REVIEW - email notification sent to TSC Chair and CTO and curator
          • no comments/no sponsor
          • comments to be resolved including if a WG indicates it should be rejected.
          • Options
            • ASSIGNED to accept sponsor as per comments - Status = ACCEPTED - email sent to project proponent and sponsoring WG co-chairs
              • if multiple sponsoring WG identified - work with them to determine who will sponsor
            • NEEDS REVISION - if no sponsor, identify candidates and work with them to get project accepted - status = IN REVIEW - email sent to project proponent
            • REJECT - may reject if out of scope for HL7 or if there is overlapping work underway or planned in HL7 or outside of HL7 - status = REJECTED - email sent to project proponent
              • an email will be triggered to the project proponent to notify of reject
        • TRIAGE - all comments resolved and a sponsoring WG is identified - Status = TRIAGE
          • Options:
            • ACCEPT - Status = ACCEPTED - email sent to project proponent and sponsoring WG co-chairs; announcement to membership
            • NEEDS REVISION - Status = IN REVIEW - email sent to project proponent

Unaccepted Project Concept

  • Reject- notify project proponent
    • criteria
      • project is not relevant to mission of HL7
      • there are overlapping project being done by a WG or planned to be done by a WG
      • there is overlapping work done outside of HL7


  • notify project proponent, sponsoring WG co-chairs and membership

Needs Revision

  • notify project proponent
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