Original Approval Date: 2010

Last Reviewed Date: Q2, 2018

Review Cycle: Annual

Overview: The HL7 Project Approval Process for TSC Sponsored Projects

 In summary, the HL7 project approval process is as follows:

  • Step 1:  Create a Project Scope Statement (PSS)
  • Step 2:  Co-Sponsoring Work Group reviews the Project Scope Statement
  • Step 2a:  Submit Project Scope Statement for Administrative Review (in parallel with Co-Sponsor Work Group Approval)
  • Step 2b:  PMO enters the Project Scope Statement into Project Insight (in parallel with Administrative Review above)
  • Step 3:  Submit Project Scope Statement to TSC for review and / or approval
  • Step 4:  The HL7 PMO insures that HL7 project methodology is adhered to

For TSC Sponsored projects, in summary, the TSC approves the project scope “in-committee”, and then circulates it to Administrative Review groups for their review and approval.  At the same time, the PSS is sent to co-chairs and international council, allowing them a week for review and comment (a formal approval is not necessary).  The PSS then goes back to the TSC again for final approval of the project.

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