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The Product Family Management Council consists of the co-chairs of the CDA Management Group, the FHIR Management Group, and the V2 Management Group. Additional participants include the HL7 CTO, and leadership from the Technical Steering Committee, the Standards Governance Board, the Architcture Review Board, and the Product Line Architecture project. 


The purpose of the Product Family Management Council is to exchange information among the product families. Current initiatives include roadmap planning, reducing the diversity of approaches, adjusting to new tooling initiatives, and operationalizing precepts.

About us:

CDA Management Group:

Phone: 401 219 1165
Position: Principal Informaticist
Department: Marketing and Business Development
Location: Westerly, RI 02891

FHIR Management Group:

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FHIR Product Director:

V2 Management Group:

Position: Interoperability Standards Analyst
Location: Altarum Institute

Position: Senior eHealth Architect
Department: Deutsche Telekom Healthcare and Security Solutions GmbH, HL7 Germany
Location: Essen, Germany


Phone: 8478421846
Position: CTO
Location: Chicago, IL

Architecture Review Board:

Position: IT Technical Specialist II
Department: IT
Location: Mayo Clinic

Product Line Architecture:

Phone: 6023004246
Position: Healthcare Data Standards
Location: PHOENIX

Standards Governance Board:

Phone: +16042501915 +966583149907

Technical Steering Committee:


This is a place for links to the page with updated WorkGroup information


This is a place for links to the page with updated WorkGroup information

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