HL7 PIC Meeting Minutes

Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 379807

Date: 2018 11 16
Time: Noon PM Eastern


: Sandy

Note taker(s)

 - Sandy





Sandy Stuart (Co-Chair)

Kaiser Permanente

Ken Rubin (Interim Co-Chair)


Melva Peters

Jenaker Consulting

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Quorum Requirements Met:


Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda Review
  2. Review website and duplicative DMP instances.  Work with Karen Van for cleanup.
  3. Outbrief August Call
    1. Did not have quorum.  Informal review of Distributed Work survey.
  4. Conducted a summary walkthough of the virtual work survey
    1. A good set of robust responses was received;  Sort term will be to download the raw content from the Survey instrument and post to PIC website
    2. Made informal decision to close the survey given 50+ detailed results
    3. Survey Next Steps
      1. Need to collect evidence results and make available to communities interested (e..g, HL7 HQ, co-chairs, publicly)
      2. Use these results to inform process enhancements underway
      3. Three "deliverables" as a result of the survey
        1. Summary Findings, themes, trends, high level observations and recommendations that surfaced
        2. Some form of action plan for use within HL7
        3. Detailed export of the survey instrument
      4. Post results/deliverables
  5. Adjournment  12:55 PM ET


  • On next scheduled PIC call, discuss survey with HL7 HQ (Verify participation with Wayne and Karen).  Sandra Stuart
  • Establish PIC Zoom account with Dave Hamill.  Sandra Stuart
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