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HL7 PIC Meeting Minutes

Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 379807

Gotomeeting #912369509

Date: 2019 06 19
Time: 3PM Eastern (UTC-4)


: Sandy

Note taker(s)

 - Sandy






Sandy Stuart (Co-Chair)

Kaiser Permanente


Ken Rubin (Co-Chair)



Karen Van Hentenryck



Laurie Burckhardt


Freida Hall

Quest Diagnostics, Inc.


Wayne Kubick


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Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda Review.  Call for 6/05 was cancelled due to quorum issues. Agenda was reviewed. Wayne wants to add item around SGB work groups, particularly PIC, and their role in various projects.  This should probably be an item for the WG discussion.
  2. Discuss DMP revisions/Tony Julian markup.  Conduct voting as necessary. Rather than changing all wiki references to Confluence, add statement that the wiki HL7 currently uses is Confluence. In terms of agenda changes suggested by Tony, Wayne wondered if the main method may need to be a change page. Remove the reference to announcements at lunch as we don't usually do this.  The document was updated and will be published. ACTION ITEM: Sandy will follow up with Tony Julian (who submitted the change request).
  3. Review DMP Notification clauses/options - see above
  4. Present candidate standardized briefing template for potential use at Co-Chairs dinner, etc - Ken reviewed a sample template used at his company.  The template is a single slide, This would be used by presenters at the co-chair meeting on Monday night. In the future, we could ask WGs to create one prior to WGMs, as it would help newbies understand what the group is doing. Freida express concern about requiring co-chairs to publish one as co-chairs are already over burdened. Wayne suggests piloting with the TSC and he will ask some of the presenters at the co-chair meeting to use this format to see if if flies. Laurie note a similar template is used at X12 and WEDI. It was difficult to get started but now that they switched over, it is helpful. ACTION ITEM: Review on next call to make any modifications to the template for HL7 use. 

    2019-06-19 Quad Chart Example.pptx

  5. Review PIC's role and how HQ and CTO can more effectively interact with this committee. - ACTION ITEM: Add this topic to the next call.
  6. Review Action Items / Adjourn - Meeting adjourned at 3:58 pm ET



  1. Ken -

    Agenda indicates noon eastern but shouldn't this be 3 pm eastern?

    1. Thanks for the review.  This has been corrected to reflect our 3p EDT call time.  Apologies for the error.

  2. updated name and added company affiliation in attendee section

  3. For those interested, I have posted a version of the "Quad Chart" Briefing template into the minutes, positioned as a current status briefing of goings-on within PIC as an exemplar.  Sandra Stuart