Quarter: 3

Discussion items

40 min.Status update on VRDR IGAbdulMalik Shakir

AMS provided an overview of current status and planned next steps for the Vital Records Death Reporting FHIR IG

VRDR FHIR IG - Project Status.pptx

  • primary scope of the IG is to exchange mortality data from state PHAs to NCHS
  • the hope is that upstream data sources (e.g., hospitals, medical examiners) can also use FHIR profiles to report to PHAs
  • IG is now an approved / published STU 1
  • STU 1.1 dot release publication approved, anticipated to be finalized in June
  • Will ballot STU2 in Sept. 2021 (NIB deadline July 4)
    • Provide enforcement support for required Inter-Jurisdictional Exchange (IJE) elements
    • Enhancement of standardized codes from National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) to jurisdictions
    • Support for IJE of death certificates
    • Enhanced support for source system data exchange
    • Use profile definitions from Vital Records Common Profile Library (STU 1.1 contributed profiles)
  • IG is US Realm
  • Data flow is FHIR messaging (not RESTful queries) – no plans to change that approach at this time
  • Plan to ballot STU3 or Normative in 2022
    • Debating whether to include workflow in companion messaging spec or IG itself
30 min.Status update on VRDR IG and VR DAMAbdulMalik Shakir

AMS provided an overview of current status and planned next steps for the Vital Records DAM

VR DAM R5 Project Status.pptx

  • Release 4 published in Nov. 2020 – STU instead of Informative with intent of moving toward Normative
  • Birth Defects DAM has mappings back to VR DAM
  • DAM includes conformance criteria – e.g., terminology bindings in IGs should be compatible with DAM specs
  • Plan to ballot Release 5 in Sept. 2021
    • Will include mappings for BFDR, Vital Records Common FHIR Profile Library, Birth Defects DAM, VRDR STU 2
5 min.public service announcementCindy Bush

For those who are not aware we have a NVSS community of practice distribution list. Meetings occurring monthly.  If you would like to be added to the list be request here: