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36 minLongitudinal Maternal & Infant Health Information for Research - FHIR R4 Implementation Guide PSS

David DeRoode

An overview of the project was provided.

The IG will focus on longitudinal maternal care, which includes antepartum (including pre-pregnancy), intrapartum, and postpartum care of a pregnant woman. This IG will define how, from which sources (e.g., electronic health records, research protocols), and when researchers access data and will specify how to capture and link the maternal longitudinal record with the child record(s). This IG will also investigate appropriate value sets for concepts and values such as pregnancy induced hypertension, pre-term birth, and pregnancy-related death.

As the intended use of this data is for clinical research, the project will consider the appropriate de-identification of data and will review existing HL7 projects related to patient identity management such as Improving identity assurance and patient match quality through Interoperable Digital Identity and Patient Matching Capabilities.

This IG will consider the MedMorph IG and broader public health research use cases which may have a need for appropriate re-identification.

This project plans to develop a pilot project in parallel to the development of this IG. This project will also develop an interaction diagram of actors in support of this IG and the pilot.

The PSS was reviewed.

Motion:  to approve the PSS  David DeRoode/Laura Rappleye 11-0-0

Next Steps:  David will reach-out to Work Groups expressing interest in either co-sponsoring or party of interest and inform PH WG if there is a change in the PSS.  David will also reach-out the CQI WG to inquire on their level of interest.

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