Quarter: Q3

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Discussion items

90 minMaking EHR Data More Available for
Research and Public Health (MedMorph) Update
Maria Michaels, Kishore Bashyam

The update included:

  1. A brief overview of the project
  2. 2021 Accomplishments
  3. MedMorph Project Updates
  4. Connectathon Update
  5. Next Steps

Link to details of the update

Discussion on Pilot Recruitment and EHR Vendor Engagement

  • The first use case being piloted is Hep C in NYC
  • They are having a hard time recruiting clinical sites and EHR vendors
  • Members shared ideas to increase participation and potential reasons for lack of engagement
    • Ask NYC HIE of the clinical sites/vendors technically advanced
    • Provide a document that defines the commitment, the timeline, the goals and the tasks involved in the pilot
    • Back end services app is essentially eCR Now, sites using this could leverage the technology.  However, there aren't any known sites in NYC using eCR Now.
    • The RA goes beyond R4 APIs, it's a heavier lift to implement subscription services.
    • Implementers do agree the RA makes sense and the goals of MedMorph but are dealing with competing priorities
    • Vendors are working supporting clients meet the regulations and dealing with Covid.  There are not enough resources available for low priority projects.
    • It may help to have the client prioritize the project.
    • Find someone at the clinical setting passionate about the use case to make the project a higher priority.

Action items