Date:  5-5-2021

Quarter:  Q3

Minutes Approved as Presented 

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Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

Electronic Case Reporting UpdateJohn Loonsk
  • CDA eICR STU 3.0 and FHIR eCR STU 2.0 are in alignment
  • Both have dependencies on US Core, ODH FHIR and the US Public Health Profile Library (USPHPL) references
  • eCR covers over 100 legally reported conditions
  • Since Covid, there are 8800 facilities sending Covid eCRs
  • 8.2 million eCRs have been delivered to 64 public health agencies, the majority are CDAs
  • Public health agencies are at varying capacity to receive and process the XML
  • There are agencies needing the HTML version and are not consuming the XML

US Public Health Profiles Library Context ReviewJohn Loonsk
  • A subgroup of PH members have been working on the library and reporting back to the PH work group.
  • eCR, MedMedmorph and Vital Records have been working on harmonizing the FHIR IGs.
  • The US Public Health Profiles Library will be a collection of reusable architecture and content profiles representing common public health concepts and patterns. It is intended as a complement to US Core that is used to ease implementation burden of healthcare organizations, electronic health record companies, public health agencies, and others involved in the US public health endeavor.

  • The short-term scope of this library will include elements common to eCR and MedMorph FHIR IGs and will define a US Realm specific framework that defines common elements for the implementation guides. The longer-term scope of this will include analysis and inclusion of data elements from vital records death reporting, birth and fetal death reporting, and other Public Health use cases.
  • A draft project proposal has been drafted and was reviewed.
  • Motion: PH WG agrees to accept the draft project proposal John Loonsk/Erin Holt 20-0-0

US Public Health Library List

Sarah Gaunt

  • The subgroup has developed a list of 50 profiles for inclusion in the library.
  • The profiles are categorized into two categories, content and architecture.
  • The list includes recommendation from the subgroup:
    • Yes, include: profile suitable as is for inclusion in PH Library
    • No, do not include:  definitely not a candidate
    • Yes, with mods:  changes to the profile need to be made
    • Needs more discussion
  • 36 were determined to need more discussion
  • The content profiles needing further discussion were reviewed.  Items 9, 10 and 11.
  • The purpose of the review is to get to the point to decide what will be in eCR and Medmorph to get to ballot.
  • It was decided a small group will continue to go through the list and bring it to the work group for final review.
  • The list will be sent via the listserv in advance of the WG meeting.

Action items