Date: May 27, 2021

Quarter: Thursday Q4

Minutes Approved as Presented 

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Discussion items


ADE Ballot ReconSarah Gaunt
  • Adverse Drug Event FHIR IG
  • Balloted in May 2021
  • 31 affirmative/0 Negative/58 Abstain/16 No Vote
  • Jean Duteau will be uploading comments to Jira
  • Comments 1 and 2 (Spreadsheet)
    • Question about the use of Example as the binding strength for some value sets
      • Many of these may be inherited from the parent resource being profiled by the IG
      • There may be a problem with how the IG Publisher is displaying fixed codes (patterns) for data elements
      • No changes are required to the content of the IG, only the presentation of the requirements
    • Motion to Persuasive with Mod and follow up with the IG Publisher group to address the display issue (Sarah Gaunt/AbdulMalik Shakir 8-0-1)
  • Comment 9 (Spreadsheet)
    • Suggestion to add an additional related standard
    • Motion to find Persuasive and add the suggested related standard (Sarah Gaunt/Craig Newman 9-0-0)
  • Comment 10 (Spreadsheet)
    • Suggestion to consider a generic Measure IG rather than a whole IG
      • Might fit into a SANER type framework
    • It's too late in the process to make this change now, but will be discussed with the project sponsor about pursuing in the future
    • Motion to find as Considered for Future Use (Sarah Gaunt/AbdulMalik Shakir 10-0-0)
  • Comment FHIR-32029
    • Suggests requiring an identifier for each Composition to distinguish updates from new reports
    • Persuasive - .identifier will be updated to be required
  • Comment FHIR-32038
    • Asks for guidance on populating the sections of the Composition
    • Persuasive - narrative will be added
  • Comment FHIR-32027
    • Asks for guidance on populating the sections of the Composition
    • Persuasive - narrative will be added
  • Comment FHIR-32026
    • Suggestion to clarify the scope of the IG as being limited to hypoglycemia
    • Persuasive with Mod- will update as suggested and author will check to make sure there are no other places where similar clarification is needed
  • Comment FHIR-32025
    • Suggests clarifying the scope of the IG
    • Persuasive - will update to clarify the scenarios
  • Motion to approve comments FHIR-32025, FHIR-32026, FHIR-32027, FHIR-32028, and FHIR-32029 as documented above (Sarah Gaunt/Craig Newman 10-0-0)
  • FHIR-32030 needs further discussion with project SMEs

Action items