Quarter: 3

Discussion items

40 min.MedMorph Project UpdatesMaria Michaels, Kishore Bashyam


Kishore provided an update from the FHIR Connectathon

  • Connecthathon page with full report-out: 2021-05 eCR/MedMorph Track; highlights include:
    • provisioning workflow
    • Knowledge Artifact Repository (KAR)
    • Electronic Reporting and Surveillance Distribution (ERSD) PlanDefinition changes
      • ERSD is used for KAR distribution for MedMorph as well as Reportable Condition Trigger Codes (RCTC) distribution for eCR
    • notification workflow
    • report creation and submission

Maria provided overall project updates:

  • developing use case content IGs – plan is to ballot in Sept. 2021 (NIB deadline July 4th)
    • Cancer (primary use case) – IG approved by PH (April 29th, 2021) and FMG
    • Health Care Surveys – approved by PH (April 29th, 2021), will discuss with FMG next week
    • Research Data Exchange – planning to request IG approval from PH during June 3rd call
      • coordinating with Vulcan Accelerator project
  • ballot reconciliation still underway for Reference Architecture (balloted Jan. 2021)
  • real-world pilot (hepatitis C use case)
    • 3 different practice types / EHR vendors in North Carolina
    • will develop / demonstrate each Reference Architecture workflow
  • drafting short-term evaluation plan for real-world pilot testing
    • also developing long-term evaluation plan for scalability / sustainability (outside current project scope)
  • submitted 76 data elements for consideration in USCDI v2 during ONC's ONDEC process
  • planning for IHE Connectathon in July and Sept. FHIR Connectathon
  • will present at HIMSS Interoperability Showcase in August
    • will demonstrate Cancer, Health Care Surveys, and Mortality use cases
      • Mortality use case will use the VRDR IG and not the MedMorph architecture, but it is part of the Cancer Care scenario
20 min.Recap of CIC Wed. Q4
  • PH joined CDC yesterday for their "All Things Registries" topic
  • Primary discussion around Clinical Registry Extraction and Data Submission (CREDS) project and possible overlap with MedMorph
  • CREDS is a new project; nothing is set in stone yet, areas of overlap will be fleshed out during requirements gathering
    • there will be opportunities for collaboration and alignment
  • CREDS wants to consolidate data from different sources, not just EHRs
    • MedMorph is primarily focused on EHR data but could expand
  • CREDS also wants to standardize the process registries use to define data requirements
  • may be opportunity to clarify the context of "IG" – e.g., architecture vs. content, etc.
    • suggestion to clarify in MedMorph and CREDS IGs what the boundaries and relationships of each are
  • CIC will set up regular "All Things Registries" sessions at each WGM (shooting for Wed. Q4)
  • CIC will also set up bimonthly synch-up calls