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RBC Phenotyping FHIR IG

Discussion items

RBC Phenotyping FHIR IGJohn Spinosa
  • Blood banks can do genotyping on red blood cells
  • Blood Banks and client sites needed a way to exchange data on extended phenotyping
  • In the last few months, this idea has been socialized along with the creation of a white paper
  • A project proposal was submitted about a week ago
  • Systems:
    • BECS - blood establishment computer system - geared to production of blood products
    • Hospital system blood banks - geared toward transfusions
  • Products are barcoded, but product information is currently being re-keyed
    • Data being captured is minimal (3-4 observations)
    • 10-15 blood groups can be distinguished based on 30+ observations
      • Even more blood groups can be determined with even more observations
  • Systems are not using v2 between systems today (still used within a hospital system)
  • This area overlaps with a biological derived product
  • Benefits:
    • better product management
    • safer transfusions
    • better adverse event reporting (this is the Public Health component)
  • John has spoken with OO and Clinical Genomics WGs
  • Project launch is dependent on stakeholder support
  • Organ typing has similarities to RBC typing
  • Possible workflows might be asking for data on a product in someone's possession or asking for products that match a specific set of criteria

Action items