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Date: Sept 19 2019

Quarter: Q1

Minutes Approved as Presented 

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Immunization CDS FHIR IG Ballot Recon (Nathan Bunker)

Discussion items


Immunization CDS FHIR Ballot UpdateNathan Bunker

Nathan provided an update on the status of the CDS FHIR IG update.

  • Balloted FHIR STU 3 Implementation Guide in January 2018
  • Received back 44 ballot comments
  • Defined Immunization Operations
  • Looking to ballot guide #2: September 2019
  • Looking at using either US-Core or QI-Core constrained resources
  • Discussed what is in scope and out of scope for the guide
  • There are other related projects that inform this project:
    • Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
      Determines recommendations for US
    • Clinical Decision Support for Immunizations (CDSi)
      Maintains logic, supporting data, and test cases for CDS engines
      Takes work from ACIP and provides specific implementation guidance
    • Forecast for Immunization Testing System (FITS)
      Supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
      Repository for CDSi Test Cases
      Can connect to CDS engines and execute test cases to verify alignment
  • CDS Hooks
    • There are ballot comments regarding the use of CDS Hooks
    • CDS Hooks were explored at several connectathons and found not to be a fit
      • There is a 90% mismatch between IIS needs and what CDS Hooks has
        90% of fields that IIS needs are not supported directly and will need to be created
        90% of fields that CDS Hooks requires the IIS does not need and will ignore
  • Ballot results and comments were reviewed–no voting took place
  • Richard Ettema provided a demonstration of publicly available FHIR server AEGIS WildFHIR CDS Immunization Forecasting using the CDS IG operations
  • Discussion on adding security requirements to the IG

Action items