Date: Sept 16 2019

Quarter: Q4

Chair- Joginder

Scribe- Erin

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Hosting FHIR-I

Discussion items

Q4FHIR-I Updates/discussionErwout
  • This will be the last time that Erwout is joining us. He is stepping down as co-chair
  • FHIR R4 Timeline:
    • Looking at delaying R5 one quarter to take advantage of changes expected to come from the accelerator projects
    • FMG wants to know if this is ok?
      • This would allow us to have the STU ballot in May 2020, not in Jan which is expected to be lower in attendance due to being in Australia
    • IF necessary could have some sort of interim formal STU
    • What are the obligations (IGs and Resources) to be considered to be a part of the FHIR R5 release?
      • Resources to go normative in R5? Vs not necessary to go normative
      • Much less urgent if not normative
      • Even to go to ballot, you must be at FM level 2
      • Resources- Imm (3) and ImmRecomendation (1) and ImmEvaluation ()
      • What about the IG’s? IG’s stay the FHIR level in which they were balloted
    • Delaying 1 quarter is not really a delay. Why not delay longer to give folks in the community and implementers time?-
    • PH doesn’t have a lot of concerns about delaying, and suggest that it could slow down further
  • Attendance plan for Australia
    • 2-3 Co-chairs will not be traveling
    • We typically plan for less participation and plan for limited to no decision making during the WGM
    • Quorum – 1 co-chair +2
    • We are not expecting any new projects coming up for May balloting
    • CDS FHIR may need to go back to ballot
    • Possibly go normative with the HC surveys, though likely not
    • We will need to decide whether or not we want to put together a real agenda
  • What structural issues do we expect to get resolved in R5?
    • Little feedback on what has been implemented
    • What is the appropriate amount of engagement between these profiling activities and FHIR activities and the workgroup that owns these resources?
    • If it’s easier to profile issues away, there are not incentives to bring back through the process
      • Normally there are processes and expectations for providing feedback on API’s, but not here.
    • An example is the FHIR accelerator projects- new project for PH alerting; we just found out about this by word of mouth. What level of engagement has the PH community had in this work?
  • IG’s
    • Is there a model IG that folks can use as an example? This is being worked on.
    • Every IG you look at is different
    • HL7 will be mandating eventually but not likely in the next 6 months
    • Eric Haas and Llyod are developing- need to keep tabs
  • New IG tooling is coming
  • IS there something that we can do to help guide new projects? What considerations should be have been developing a FHIR IG?
    • Should validate what the acceptable tools are that you can use at that time
    • The process has to conform with the tooling stack; however a lot of tools don’t have documented requirements and then the approval is subjective based on who likes or dislikes the way it looks.
    • You have to be aware of the risk with regards to tooling
    • There are rules- whatever the IG publisher produces
  • Developing requirements for FHIR IGs to be tested in Connect-a-thons BEFORE submitting an NIB. They must be at FHIR maturity level 2 before going to ballot- (at least 3 independently developed systems with semi real data)
    • Even for STUs… what is the point of the STU?
    • Was this the intent to apply the same rigor to IGs as you do to resources
    • For this particular workgroup this is going to be difficult, bc it will be hard to get EHR vendors to implement something that isn’t yet a standard, or an IG
    • Do we need to go to a for comment ballot before approaching vendors??
    • IF one of the actors is supposed to be a PH agency, it will likely be difficult for them to participate. This could actually prevent PSS’s from coming forward

Action items