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Upcoming Ballots

Prospective Projects

ProjectProject LeadBallot GoalPSS approvedNIB approved

Active Project Matrix

ProjectCo-Chair LiaisonProject LeadLast Work Group UpdateBallot Status
Development and Maintenance of Immunization-related FHIR Resources (PI 1260)Joginder MadraJoginder MadraMay 2019Addressing tracker items as they come up.  Stabilizing material for upcoming releases.
FHIR IG for Immunization Forecasting (PI: 1342)Craig NewmanNathan BunkerSeptember 2019Holding project calls on Fridays.  Actively in ballot reconciliation.
ODH in HL7 v2 and FHIR (PI: 1290)Craig NewmanStacey MarovichOctober 2019Will be published with HL7 v2.9. FHIR IG publication request approved by PHWG on 2019-10-7 call.
ODH in CDACraig NewmanStructured Docs WGSeptember 2017Publication request submitted in August 2019
Vital Records DAM (PI: 1296)Danny Wise
Hetty KhanSeptember 2019PSS to continue DAM work approved and targeting May 2020 ballot.  Will be coordinating with Birth Defects work.
HL7 v2.6 Critical Congenital Heart Defects (PI: 897)Laura RappleyeLura DaussatSeptember 2019Targeting 2020 publication
HL7 v2.6 Early Hearing Detection (PI: 898)Laura RappleyeLura DaussatSeptember 2019Targeting 2020 publication
FHIR Lab ResultsErin Holt Coyne
OO Work GroupFebruary 2017

Currently in May 2017 ballot.


HAVE 2.0 AlignmentJoginder MadraPA Work GroupFebruary 2017

Currently in May 2017 ballot.


Bidirectional Services eReferral (PI ID: 1423) Craig NewmanJohn Loonsk September 2019Finalizing reconciliation.  Plan to publish by end of October 2019.
Vital Records Domain Analysis Model specification mapping (PI ID: 1432)Danny WiseHetty Khan

Ballot passed. Ballot spreadsheet has been uploaded by AMS.

Negatives have been asked to be withdrawn on July 16 2019.

Publication request was already approved by the work group and has been submitted to HQ.

Need to follow up with HQ on status.

Vital Records Mortality and Morbidity Reporting FHIR IG (PI ID: 1475)Danny WiseHetty Khan, Alaina Gregory, Cindy BushSeptember 2019

Replaces project 1278

Ballot reconciliation completed.  Targeting Fall 2019 publication.

Vital Records Death Reporting V2.6 (PI ID: 1477)Danny WiseHetty Khan, Alaina GregoryOctober 2019Ballot reconciliation completed.   Targeting Fall 2019 publication.
NHSN Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Reports for Long Term Care Facilities (CDA & FHIR) (PI ID: 1511)Erin Holt CoyneDavid DeRoodeOctober 2019

Approved for ballot in Sept. 2019

Both NIBs have been approved.

NIB's submitted on 05/22/2019.  Reconciliation package approved on 2019-10-17 call.

Birth Defects DAM and FHIR IG (PI ID: 1532)Craig NewmanCraig NewmanMay 2019Developing the DAM

 Collecting STU Comments

ProjectCo-Chair LiaisonProject LeadLast Work Group UpdateSTU Period ExpiryBallot Status
HL7 v2.8.2 Immunization IG (PI: 1293)Craig NewmanCraig NewmanSeptember 2018December 10, 2020

Currently in STU collecting comments.

HL7 v2.6 Vital Records Birth and Fetal Death Reporting IG (PI: 816)Danny WiseHetty KhanFebruary 2018February 23, 2020

Currently in STU collecting comments.

HL7 CDA Death Reporting (PI: 859)Danny WiseHetty KhanOctober 2018September 2021

Currently in STU collecting comments.

Expecting IG update from changes made during STU reconciliation

HL7 CDA National Medical Care Surveys (PI: 1002)Erin Holt CoyneHetty KhanSeptember 2017

R1 - December 31, 2019

R2 - October 2021

Currently collecting Comments.

CDA IG for Reporting to Central Cancer Registries (PI: 1069)Laura RappleyeWendy BlumenthalSeptember 2017March 2020Currently collecting Comments.
Public Health Case Report Update (CDA) STU (PI: 1216)Joginder MadraJohn LoonskJanuary 2019

R1.1 - August 2020

Currently Collecting Comments, 1.1 release published

STU comments reconciled at Jan 2019 WGM; expecting STU R2 for ballot in May.

Vital Records Birth and Fetal Death Reporting CDA IG (PI ID: 1474)Danny WiseHetty Khan, Sarah Gaunt
June 2021

Replaces project 860

STU period extended for two years - ending 2021-08-27

HL7 CDA for Ambulatory Healthcare Provider reporting of Birth Defects (PI: 1112)Laura RappleyeLaura RappleyeSeptember 2017

Feb 2020

Currently collecting Comments.  Release 2 is in the works.
HL7 v2.6 Vital Records Death Reporting IG (PI: 1208)Danny Wise
Hetty Khan
September 2018August 27, 2019

Pending project to either going normative or to expanding the STU scope

Needs Update

HL7 CDA R2 Implementation Guide: Reportability Response File, STU 1.0 (PI: 1216)Joginder MadraJohn LoonskNovember 2017January 23, 2020

Currently collecting Comments.

HL7 v2.5.1 Syndromic Surveillance IG (PI ID: 1401)Erin Holt Coyne Dave TrepanierJuly 26, 2019July 26, 2021Currently collecting comments
Healthcare Associated Infections ReportsErin Holt CoyneStructured Docs WGJanuary 2019

HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Electronic Case Reporting (eCR), Release 1 (PI ID: 1366)Joginder MadraJohn LoonskSeptember 2019

HL7 v2.5.1 LOI/LRI - Public Health ProfileErin Holt CoyneOO WGFebruary 2017
Published July 2018 (with eDOS)
HL7 v2.5.1 LRI - Newborn Dried Blood Spot (NDBS) OrdersErin Holt CoyneOO WGFebruary 2017
Published July 2018
HL7 v2.5.1 Syndromic Surveillance IG (PI ID: 1401)Erin Holt CoyneDave TrepanierJuly 2019
Published as STU in July 2019

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