Date: May 24, 2021

Quarter: Monday Q3

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Admin Kick offLaura
  • Please remember to log your attendance for any PH WG session you attend
  • Remember a number of WG co-chair seats up for election in 2021
    • Please reach out to a co-chair if you have any questions about the role or the nomination process
  • Agenda as reviewed, no updates
    • Note that Wednesday Q4 there is a Government Birds of a Feather session that may be of interest

RBC PhenotypingJohn Spinosa
  • Presentation
  • FHIR IG project proposal for extended RBC phenotyping
    • Lantana supported project
  • San Diego Blood Bank is genotyping donors for red blood cell donors
  • Blood donor centers manufacture the products
  • Regional blood banks are typically not-for-profit (eg Red Cross, Wisconsin Blood Center)
    • They fall under FDA oversight and federal regulations
    • Tend to be fragmented systems in the US
  • Health system blood banks track the use of the products
  • There is a Public Health role in reporting adverse events from transfusions
  • Data needs to be transferred from the donor centers to the health systems
    • Health systems are rekeying the information
    • The amount of data being conveyed is growing due to advances in molecular techniques
    • The blood product inventory often doesn't stay local
      • Product searches can be regional or national
    • Donors can become patients, so this can be important for patient care too
  • Proposal to develop a FHIR IG
    • Supporters include the San Diego Blood Bank and HaploGNX
      • Vendors are being contacted about joining
    • Talking to O&O and Clinical Genomics WG as well as PH
  • Possible use cases:
    • Inventory management at the blood banks and health systems
      • Optimize products for patient care
    • Queries to blood bank suppliers
      • Queries for specialized units, which tend to be manual (fax) today
    • Can be used to track adverse events too
  • It's not clear yet if the scope of data being exchanged will focus on phenotypic or genotypic data
    • Will receiving systems typically use this information for documentation or will they need more discrete data to run logic on?
      • Phenotypes typically are less granular than genotypes
      • The phenotype may be more useful for most clinicians
        • May need to be able to query for more discrete genotypic data (likely an edge case)
  • Security and privacy considerations
    • Will patient data be exchanged? What are the privacy/security considerations?
    • There are a couple of different types of patients in the use cases
      • The patient requiring the product
        • The biological requirements for product shouldn't be particularly patient identifiable
      • The donor if they ever become a patient and require care (and maybe products)
  • Blood as a resource may fit in the SANER project
  • The project team will put together a project proposal between now and the Sept WGM
  • Reach out to John if you have additional questions

Maternal and Infant Health ProjectRuby Nash/David DeRoode
  • PSS-1802 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NIH sponsored Longitudinal Maternal and Infant Health Information for Research FHIR IG
    • Dan Chaput at ONC has been working with NIH on this project
    • Part of the larger PCOR project
    • There is an interaction with USCDI as well
      • There were many comments in Fall 2020 about adding pregnancy and delivery related data classes and data elements to USCDI (but they didn't make it into the draft Version 2)
    • The project will have a TEP including folks from NCHS
  • Data scope includes pregnancy, deliver and post-partum (~1 year) phase
  • Primarily for research purposes
    • 8 example use cases from NIH
    • The goal is to develop a reusable infrastructure
    • Not sure yet if this would be a Push versus a Query workflow (could be both)
    • Both singular query and bulk query could be in scope
      • Would be driven by the research question
      • Could be subscription based too
      • Is there an overlap with CodeX work on clinical trial and patient matching use case?
  • Potentially a significant overlap with existing IGs (Vital Records, Birth Defects, MedMorph, case reporting, etc)
    • Could be a MedMorph use case or a part of the US Public Health library
    • The Vulcan Accelerator may also be relevant

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