Date: May 9

Quarter: Q3

Minutes Approved as Presented 

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MEDMorph updates, Admin wrap up 

Discussion items

MedMorph updatesDragon
  • Validation Results for MedMorph
  • Updated IG with all dependencies for subscriptions. Wanted to bring back to workgroup to see if anything was needed before sending back to FMG.
    • Waiting to use backbone to include subscription in 4.0.1 (subscriptions backport 1.1.0)
    • Added two sections
      • What subscription topics you need to implement if you want to use subscriptions
      • Implementing without subscriptions (like with v2 sending notifications)
    • Subscriptions in R4 are different than in R5. DO you go with R4b or R5? Use R5 subscriptions with an R4 server? This is what the subscription backport IG does.
  • Publication request was already approved, but lagging behind due to changes in infrastructure in FHIR
  • Addressed the four tickets from ONC
    • 39675- medication to data receiver with respective to duplicate data must be specified in content IG in data receiver section
    • 39674- content IGs must describe in detail the trust service provider requirements
    • 39673- More clarity around use of HDEA
    • 39672- Specific phrasing for Provision of workflow 5.1.6.
    • Motion- Dragon moves to approve dispositions as posted
    • Second- Bill Lober
    • Against- 0
    • Abstain- 2
    • For- 10
  • Connectathon track on Medmorph
    • To test the healthcare content use case, and then the flu surveillance use case both using the respective content IGs
    • Test out the CDC DEX server and send different variations of data using FHIR bundles
    • Processed with and without errors with errors diagnosed to determine what needs to change where
    • Validate data and export out to a data lake.
    • What is implemented at EHR end? How can we make it easier to submit data with less effort.
    • Question on whether this could support chronic. – Would be use case specific, but in theory yes. Will be looking at UDS related work which like include quality measures involving/important to chronic disease.
    • Will come back to WG on call for the content use case IGs.

Admin wrap upRavi
  • Weekly call time- Thursdays at 4pm eastern
  • Meeting in Sept in Phoenix and will get our room assignments
    • Call out for expected ballots in sept
  • PSSs are up to date. Laura was reviewing this cycle. Interested in being a co-sponsor for the toxicology project. Craig will take this over between now and Sept
  • Recently updated mission and charter and project roadmap
  • Erin needs to follow up on Syndromic as it is set to expire.
  • Getting dinged for stale jira tickets. Will need to follow up with project teams. Biggest offender is Cancer reporting. They have been working them but they still have a lot outstanding.
    • To Do: Get Sandy Jones on a call to give us an update on Cancer
  • Smart Health cards is stale, hasn’t been published but has been implemented in practice. Smart Health cards exist only on the FHIR IG build which could be problematic if it gets overwritten on the FHIR build. Bryant was going to follow up with MITER. Ravi will follow up. Katie Tully will also follow up. The original project team doesn’t necessarily have to be re-engaged but whoever picks it up needs to be knowledgeable enough on the subject matter to help resolve the outstanding issues. Outstanding Jira tickets in for Smart Health Cards that need to be resolved.
    • Smart Health Links- international patient summary. Maybe want to look at Smart Health Links for PH. May need to be a separate project. The Smart Health Cards includes content vs links to content. May need to take a MedMoprh abstract approach.
  • Ask John and Laura to come and talk about lessons learned on eCR based on adoption over last three years. A few FHIR tickets are outstanding but there are none for the CDA version.
  • eBSDR- location type on address is outstanding. Originally flagged for future use, but COVID highlighted a need for this detail. Additionally in the PH space this could also support other use cases like TB or environmental. Will address with FHIR-I in Q4.

Action items