Date: May 8

Quarter: Q4

Chair: Craig

Scribe: Ravi

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Immunization Roundtable discussion. Time set aside to hear updates from projects in the immunization space. 

Discussion items

20 mins

AIRA Projects Update

  • IG v2.0
  • International Codes
  • SMART Health Links
  • General Standards Process
Nathan Bunker
  • AIRA update:
    • Over 100 gaps were identified.
    • Proposing new v2.5.1 guide with the gaps filled and -> new release -> SISC reviews and approves -> undergoes HL7 ballot process -> submitted to SVAP
    • Part of the goal is to have a newly revised guide but also use new tooling
  • International Immunization code:
    • France has NUVA (map between different vaccine codes) that is also used in other francophone countries
    • SMART Health card uses SNOMED codes but there's a gap/difficulty (Nathan was coordinating between NUVA and SNOMED); there's a meeting with France together with SHL (Bryant is going)
    • Washington vaccine verification difficulties; international vaccine codes - discussions going to start soon
    •  Smart Health Links - looking to put together a working group
    • General standards process will be followed - explore, draft, pilot, rollout.
10 mins

JIRA tickets Update

Craig Newman
  • JIRA tickets in immunization:
    • FHIR R6 timeline will potentially be released publicly next year. 
    • 7 tickets pending
    • FHIR - 14372: Resolution: 17-1-0 (Craig, Nathan)
      • FHIR - 17574: Add classification to address - Talk to FHIR-I or PA WG's attention or talk to Gravity; there's a living arrangement code set that is used.
      • FHIR - 27017: Reject this request; Resolution: 15-0-0 (Craig, Nathan)

Action items