Date: May 8

Quarter: Q3

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Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

BSeR updatesJohn Loonsk
  • Goal: facilitate close loop electronic extra-clinical chronic disease referrals
  • Often don't happen electronically because standard approaches provide too much data
    • Need segmented data payloads for use cases outside of clinical care
      • e.g. a weight loss program doesn't need a full patient summary
  • Other projects are working on eReferrals
    • BSeR, 360x, Gravity, IXFS, etc
    • Need to harmonize
      • Use of Task and ServiceRequest
        • Working with Gravity and 360x to review both Task and ServiceRequest (created gap analysis)
        • Tried to align profiles (data element by data element)
        • Sarah has created draft updated profile based on the alignment in the current build
      • Generic transactions (to support both messaging and tightly coupled exchanges)
        • Messaging
          • Push of payload packages
          • Task may live mostly on the service requester side (i.e. EHR/HCO)
        • Tightly coupled
          • Notification followed by retrieval of Task or data payload
          • Task harmonized between both systems
      • FHIR queries to express data
        • Usable with both types of transactions
        • May need to be defined outside of the IG
        • Possibly as a batch query (bundle of pre-coordinated queries for a given use case)
      • Core architecture
        • For both clinical referrals and chronic disease extra-clinical referrals
  • Looking to go to ballot in Sept 2023
  • May 2023 Connectathon was successful
    • Further discussion with PA tomorrow (5/9)
  • Slides

Dutch Competence CenterNictiz
  • eReferrals in The Netherlands
    • The competence center (Nictiz) may play a similar role to ONC (gov't funded but not part of the gov't)
  • Developing a national IG
    • Similar to what BSeR is doing
  • Background
    • The general practitioner (GP) is the gatekeeper for care and has a lot of info on a particular patient
    • Clinical data needs to be transferred from the GP to the specialist when there is a referral
    • Currently, the exchange of data is unstructured (PDF, etc)
    • A mix of exchange standards are used
    • Data flowing includes the referral, updates and a final report
    • "paramedic" for the Dutch means "allied health professionals" (e.g. physiotherapy, etc)
  • IG under development
    • First use case is GP to "paramedic"
    • Beta version will be released for testing this summer
    • 28 more use cases (workflow steps) will be added in the future
    • Based on FHIR R4
  • Nictiz has done a gap analysis on part of the BSeR to see how it would fit their needs
    • Some parts of the profiles (e.g. Must Support designations) that may be US specific and prevent its use in The Netherlands
      • BSeR is currently US Realm
    • Is there desire for closer cooperation between the groups?
      • Shared functional requirements?
      • Potentially shared technical requirements?
    • How would US Core be impacted?
    • Are there other examples of international IGs that can be profiled for US Realm use?
    • Further discussions are needed
      • Nictix and BSer will coordinate an off-line discussion 
        • PH WG will get updates

Action items