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Mon Q3

Tues Q2

Tues Q3

Tues Q4

Wed Q3

Wed Q4

Thurs Q3

Thurs Q4

Fri Q3

Fri Q4

AbdulMalik Shakir Hi3 Solutions X X X X X X X X
Alex Mays MGH X X X
Amit Popat Epic X X X X
Becky Angeles Carradora Health X X
Brett Marquard waveoneassociates X
Brian Gugerty CDC X
Chris Khanoyan FEHRM X
Cindy Bush CDC/NCHS X X X X X
Craig Newman Altarum X X X X X X
Dan Rutz Epic X
Daniel Chaput ONC X X X X
Danny Wise Allscripts X X X X X X X
Dave deRoode Lantana Consulting Group X
Dave Pyke Ai X X X
Erin Holt Coyne TN Dept of Health X X X X X X
Genny Luensman CDC/NIOSH X
Jamie Parker Carradora X
John D'Amore More Informatics X
John Loonsk JHU / APHL
John Spinosa Lantana Group X
John Stamm Epic X X X X
Katie Tully HHS/ONC X
Keith Boone Audacious Inquiry X X X
Laura Conn X
Laura Conn X
Laura Rappleye Altarum X X X X
Maria Michaels CDC X X
Mike Flanigan Carradora Health X X
Ravi Kafle WA DOH X X
Ravi Kafle WA DOH X
Ravi Kafle WA DOH X
Ruby Nash X
Sameemuddin Syed CDC X
Sarah Gaunt Lantana Consulting Group X X
Sarah Shaw PHII X X X X
Shaily Krishan CSTE X X X
Sheryl Taylor NIST X
Wendy Blumenthal CDC X X