Date: 5/28/2021

Quarter: Q3

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Discussion items

30 MinsSanner Project UpdateKeith Boone


Saner is in the process of applying all the changes from the JIRA tickets. There are two tickets to review in two weeks. Then preparing for publication and review. Will notify the committee when ready

During the connectathon the focus was on how well Saner scales at volume. Findings:

  • Computing a single Metrix for a single hospital took 10 to 30 seconds with most time is spent on I/O (90%) obtaining the necessary FHIR resource instances.
  • The workflow is a Public health agency publishes a measure and the frequencies with which they should be reported. The Hospital/health system then computes the measure and makes it available via push or query response.

Craig:    Are there any local or  Federal public health agencies defining measures?


  • SANER has been working with NHNN since in inception.
  • Texas health services authority
  • Health connect in AZ is also working with their public health agency.

Danny: What kinds of measures?


  • Tracking beds, supplies, medications, and biologic supplies.
  • If it is a noun and you can count it, it can be tracked with SANER

Craig: Will this be used beyond Covid

Keith: It can be  used for situation awareness in any emergency response scenario. The inception was the response to Katrina in 2007.

Action items