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Document/Standard Name:HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Bidirectional Services eReferrals (BSeR), Release 2 - US Realm

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Requested Ballot Level:STU
Work Group Information
Sponsoring Work Group:Public Health
Project Insight Project ID:1423
Confirmation of Work Group Approval:2022-10-20 Public Health Work Group Call Minutes
Primary Work Group Contact:Sarah Gaunt
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Publishing Facilitator:Sarah Gaunt
Other Sponsoring Work Groups:Patient Care
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The Bidirectional Services eReferrals (BSeR) FHIR IG provides guidance on FHIR Resources and US Core IG profiles for use in exchanging a referral request and specific program data from a clinical provider to a typically extra-clinical program service provider, such as a diabetes prevention program, a smoking quitline, or a hypertension management training program and provides for the return of feedback information from the service program to the referring provider.
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This release addresses pilot implementation and FHIR Connectathon implementer feedback. The major changes are an update to latest version of US Core and re-working of nested Bundle structures.
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The facilitation of comprehensive health records and the bi-directional connection of EHRs with non-hospital and non-ambulatory service programs is becoming increasingly important. Without common standards for these extra-clinical referrals, they will, individually, make divergent requests to EHR vendors or will not be able to take advantage of electronic information exchange and processable data at all.
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Vendors: EHR, PHR; Health Care IT; Clinical Decision Support Systems; Providers: Local and State Departments of Health; Healthcare Institutions;

Others: community-based healthcare and lifestyle change service providers. 

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