Date: Sept 12 2023

Quarter: Q1

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Discussion items

60 minsHelios UpdateCraig

Helios Update 20230912 slide deck

Helios update:

  • Helios is one of the FHIR accelerators and is specifically for Public Health.
  • Everyone is encouraged to participate in Helios. Provide in-kind support; organizational pilots welcome.
  • Core principles – desirability, feasibility, compatibility
  • New area of work: operationalize queries for Public Health

  1. Deliver Aggregate Information to Public Health:
    • Being actively worked on during the connectathon
    • Oracle Cerner and Washington State are testing
    • Measures identified, prioritized and a few developed
    • Listening sessions being planned from ONC, CMS, CDC, ASPR, STLTs
    • Discussing on the repository for the definition libraries

2.  Making Data in Public Health Systems accessible in bulk:

    • Document IIS architecture and business needs in developing FHIR infrastructure
    • Reverse of EHRs being the bulk data provider and in this EHRs request for bulk data from Public Health based on the use case
    • Initial testing has been done successfully – exchange of up to 100,000 cases in a short period time
    • Rhode island is ready on the use case
    • Epic (John Stamm) has brought up bulk data for vital records death reporting; to share information from EHRs for cause of death etc.

3.  Align and Optimize Public Health Data Sharing:

    • Assessing the interoperability needs
    • Evaluation framework that describes how any public health data could be shared
    • 15 use cases – subscription, bulk and SMART access.

4.  Public Health Query Response - New track/ area of work

    • Came out of align and optimize
    • Test a generic query/response workflow for three use cases applicable to public health investigations
      • Demographic information
      • Supplemental – newborn screening
      • Supplemental – positive reportable conditions like STIs

Action items