Date: 20230119

Quarter: Q3

Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

PH Stream in ZulipDavid with MITRE

The Public Health FHIR Implementation Collaborative (PHFIC), a CDC sponsored data exchange pilot between states and local jurisdictions, will be adding a stream to Zulip.

  • 4 options were discussed on how to set up the stream
  • Further discussion will take place on the January 26th PH work group meeting

Immunization Resource FMM (update)

Craig Newman
  • Follow up from Tues. Q4 Immunization Roundtable
    • During Tuesday's meeting it was determined the Immunization resource was at level 4 maturity because the total number of implementations were not known. 
    • Since then, John Stamm did research finding there have been many implementations in other countries making the eligibility to raise the maturity level to a   5.
    • Craig will write up the justification and bring it back to the WG for a vote.

Facilitator Assignments

  • Facilitators for the WG have been removed from the website
  • Next steps:  Confirm with HQ facilitators for a WG are no longer needed but needed at the project level

Mission and Charter
  • PH WG mission and charter was updated at the September WGM
  • Next steps:  send Anne the updates to incorporate on the HL7 website

Co-chair project proposal assignments

  • Laura Rappleye will monitor the project proposals
  • Proposal 2153 to enhance the FHIR Standard for situations where the individual and their important social relationships are best, and sometimes required, to be expressed using a Person-Centric View for FHIR will be reviewed at the January 26th PH WG meeting.

Schedule for conference calls for next period

  • The schedule will remain the same:  every Thursday at 4:00 EST

Draft agenda for next WGM 

  • The concept of a WGM plus for the next WGM was introduced at the co-chair dinner.
  • The purpose is to get more implementer involvement
  • More info to follow with information on scheduling rooms

New Business
  • Need to discuss long-term project maintenance of projects that lose funding or resources i.e. syndromic and VCI.
  • Added to the Feb. 2nd PH WG agenda

Action items