Date: 20230118

Quarter: Q3

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Discussion items

1 hour 15 minutesHelios FHIR acceleratorCraig Newman
  • There are three priority areas in Helios FHIR accelerator for the first year:
    • Aggregate information to public health
    • Making data available to public health in bulk
    • Align and optimize public health data sharing
  • Align and optimize public health data sharing: Ten use cases are being evaluated for implementation among which two use cases have gone completed the evaluation process. They are - PHA gathers address, phone and contact means and, Hepatitis C follow up. Use case - ‘Syphilis follow up lab results’ is partially completed and ‘Chlamydia medication and partner therapy status are next in line.
  • Making data available to public health in bulk:
    • IIS vendors are talking about the need to consider about setting up FHIR architecture, however they can’t be too specific as the jurisdiction sets their priorities on FHIR. But at the same time they are putting the guidance documents together.
    • There’s an ongoing discussion about the authorized users accessing the data and its implications/modalities e.g. having a replica vs using a separate server depending upon the number of requests to a specific system; using FHIR façade on a SQL database vs using native FHIR server.
    • Tested a use case during this connectathon – querying immunization data from 10 to 100k records. All of the participants were able to successfully connect and post/receive the data. Next steps – define what MVP looks like and test in a more life-like pilot.
    • Policy considerations: How will utilization of FHIR for bulk data exchange change what immunization programs do and how they share data – for example, would there be new types of trading partners or intermediaries, change in elements being shared, changes in the population of patients available for exchange, change to expectations surround how authorized users store, protect and share data.
      • Interpretation of data – could be perceived as risk
    • Some amount of dependency – initial list to be established, sharing group ID (member attribution is bigger than the Helios project and touches the Argonaut and DaVinci accelerators as well), collaborate across accelerators
  • Deliver aggregate Information to PH: Using SANER/DEQM IGs as the initial use cases.
    • Connectathon: 2 data sources posted to 5 different data systems successfully;
    • Use case – Masure source submits the MeasureReport to Measure Consumer, Data computation is done by a measure computer based on Measure definition and accessing the data source.
    • Next steps: consider additional measures and define measures, testing with more systems

Setting the stage for Year 2:

  • Hearing from the community on the use cases
  • Apply the decision framework

Action items