Date: 20230117

Quarter: Q3

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20 min

Gravity SDoH IG review and update

Corey Spears

202301 - HL7 WGM Gravity Update.pptx

  • Challenges in SDoH exchange being addressed by Gravity
    • Standardization  of data collection
    • Data sharing
  • Gravity has identified 17 domains
    • Put together terminology and value sets for each
  • Data capture (patient level) by Questionnaire/QuestionnaireResponse, Observatinos, Goals, referrals are all in scope
  • Gravity keeps a dashboard for the domains
  • There was a May Connectathon track, a CMS Connectathon and January Connectathon track
  • Gravity mostly works at the patient level but is interested in application to populations
  • There are Technical and Terminology workstreams, plus a Pilots workstream
  • Some of the Gravity data sets have been added to USCDI
  • FHIR IG STU2 publication happened November 2022
  • Currently working on upgrading the reference implementations for STU2
  • Also working on test scripts (for Connectathon use)
  • Terminology updates
    • Done coding with LOINC, SNOMED CT and ICD-10-CM
    • 159 values sets in VSAC
    • Future work:
      • New domains
      • New terminologies - HC[CS, CPT
      • New data elements
  • Pilots updates
    • Kicked off last year
  • Technical updates
    • Reviewed recent US Core ballot
    • Working on STU updates
      • Patient Care is sponsoring WG
    • Future work:
      • Address barriers to adoption
      • Review group objectives, roles, etc
  • Connectathon outcomes
    • Multi-system ecosystem exercising the whole workflow
    • Used new test scripts
  • Continuing to explore consent as a concept
  • Looking at harmonizing referrals with BSeR

ODH updateLori/Genny
  • ODH team reviewed their open Jira tickets
    • 31 tickets have been resolved but are showing as open as an artifact of the migration from the STU comment page to Jira
      • Motion to close the 31 tickets as having been resolved (Craig Newman/Genny Luensman 20-0-6)
  • Publication errors in the FHIR IG that came with pointing to the new US Core have been dealt with
    • Still a few warnings to be dealt with
      • Can likely be moved to the "ignore" list
    • Will be ready for review shortly

Vital recordsCindy
  • 4 FHIR IGs
    • MDI, BRDR, BFDR, Common VR profiles library
  • Medicolegal Death Investigation (MDI)
    • Medical examiner/coroner systems
    • Lots of overlap with VRDR
    • Published Sept 2022 (US specific)
    • Includes forensic toxicology profiles
    • Will be replying to CDC Foundation to participate in a FHIR implementation collaborative
    • Working on dot release updates
  • VRDR
    • STU 2 published August 2022
    • Future work
      • first round of jurisdictions to go through certification and production use
      • Workgroup to define EDRS to surveillance systems
      • Continued testing
  • BFDR
    • STU 1 published in October 2021
    • Future work:
      • Updates to document
  • Common Profile Library
    • STU 1 published October 2021
    • Future work:
      • Continued alignment between IGs
  • Jan Connectathon updates
    • See Connectathon Track Report Out
    • Goal of connecting to Epic and Cerner sandboxes
      • identify where data is held (e.g. Condition versus Observation)
      • Vocabulary usage
    • Connected to both sandboxes
    • Generated FHIR Bundles for test patients
    • Identified issues
  • May reballot in May 2023

Human and Social Services Work Group UpdatesKen Lord
  • Human and Social Services Person Centric Project 1.13.23.a.pptx
  • Working on a Project Proposal - looking for feedback
  • Looking to enhance SDOH factors into various settings to improve health outcomes
  • ACF (Administration for Children and Families) is the executive sponsor
    • Working with community based organizations
    • Dedicated to using FHIR
  • In this work "patient" isn't always an appropriate term for an individual
    • Need a solution that is practical and implementable given that Patient is a normative resource
    • This can be a significant issue for some organizations
  • Goal - Enhance FHIR to enable a Person-Centric View on an individual
  • PSS-2153 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Action items