Quarter: Q1

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Discussion items

1 hr.ONC Update (continued from Mon. Q3)Katie Tully

ONC HL7 WG Update_1.17.23.pptx

  • ONC certification
    • voluntary participation
    • establishes a floor of baseline functionality
    • agnostic to system (i.e., ONC does not require the use of certified technology in specific settings, though other agencies / programs may)
    • Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP) – can adopt higher versions (e.g., if needed for programmatic requirements)
  • HITAC Public Health Data Systems Task Force 2022
    • industry task force to provide recommendations to ONC about certification programs for EHRs and Public Health systems
      • identify gaps in functionalities and standards in current §170.315(f) certification criteria
      • provide recommendations for advancing criteria, testing guidance and standards
      • identify functionality for public health systems that would benefit from further standardization and possible certification
      • prioritize which data flows would benefit most from further standardization
  • group discussion – How to apply certification of public health systems?  E.g., provide funding to jurisdictions to adopt that certified technology?  What if a program doesn’t adopt certified technology?  Who has the authority to enforce?
  • Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA)
    • annual updates to recommended standards for various functional areas, including Public Health
    • group discussion about the WG’s involvement in reviewing comments, providing additional feedback
      • will likely continue discussing in future PHWG calls
30 min.TEP StandardElysa Jones

OASIS-HL7 Elysa Jones Jan 2023.pdf

    • international standards body, similar to HL7
    • founded in 1993
    • North American, European, and Asian participation
    • worked with HL7 on a couple standards
      • EDXL Hospital Availability Exchange (HAVE) / HL7 Cross-Paradigm IG
      • EDXL Tracking of Emergency Patients (TEP) / HL7 V2.7.1 IG – Message Transformations with OASIS TEP rel. 1
        • e.g., moving patients in ER to new facilities due to impending hurricane
  • Keith indicated that some of the previous HAVE work is now incorporated in SANER
  • TEP IG (Informative):
  • request to the WG is about transferring existing TEP IG to ISO 215 (apparently there is an HL7 process now for that)
    • group discussion:
      • what is that process?
      • does the IG need to be normative vs. informative?
      • is HL7 V2.7.1 still the right product family? is there appetite to update to FHIR?
  • Elysa will reach out to Dan Vreeman to understand process of transferring an HL7 artifact to ISO and will come back to the WG with next steps