Date: 20230116

Quarter: Q3

Chair - Laura

Scribe - Ravi

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Digital Bridge Update

ONC Project Update

Discussion items

45 minutes

Digital Bridge (DB) Update

  • DB was created to connect between providers and DOHs started with eCR, public health industry groups are involved. Serves are a forum for discussion.
  • Vision, mission of Digital Bridge: Interconnect health care and public health communities with use of more modern technology
  • Membership – all major ehr vendors, other industry partners, CDC, ONC, created in 2016, eCR was designed and launched 201 & 2018. Full transition of eCR to CDC, APHL and CSTE, moved forward with case reporting and newly reportable conditions use cases, bridge between national cancer registry, NHSN, implementation of API in PH
  • eCR: Overview of eCR for delivering case reports from the clinical providers to public health.
  • What next – expanding eCR capability to other use cases, did surveys, SWOT analysis, identified other roles


    • Overall: continuous collaborative
    • Future focus; DMI, PH core functions, Health Equity, TEFCA
    • Functions/Roles/Recommendations: Facilitator, Incubator, comment into policy developments
    • Funding recommendations: Grants, Committee


  • Keith Boone: IZ – sending of immunization status data to be used by DMI efforts; data querying: not yet,
  • Katie Tully - IZ gateway: how is it related with the other efforts interjurisdictional data sharing? Danny Wise: Cross pollination efforts happening; Keith: Monkeypox and routine iz reporting became a priority earlier.
  • Will the meetings open re: IZ gateway? Danny Wise: Multijurisdictional meetings taking a back seat but will be discussed in near future, Kevin: past addresses querying, Danny Wise: something that needs to be worked out regarding which jurisdictions be queried.
  • TEFCA’s query and it’s scoping to querying IZ gateway; DB’s thinking about TEFCA as well. Dave Pyke: Public Health access – DB could play a role. Katie: Need to work through to get this figured out.
45 minutesONC Project UpdateKatie Tully
  • Intro to ONC's vision, mission and the alignment of the different efforts initiated by ONC.
  • Shared priorities:
    • USCDI/USCDI+: Q - Keith Boone: ONC governance - can additions be done in the USCDI? A - ONC: Yes; Q – Walter: Information blocking to EHI – how do you see USCDI moving forward? A- USCDI is the baseline. Q - Walter: Patient access API is in v1 and USCDI is progressing – how will this be addressed? A - ONC: they need to go progressively side by side.
    • USCDI+: Open for public comment; Core data beyond the USCDI based on data needs of public health; multiple priority areas that are PH use cases. Q - Keith: Data elements that are needed to support certain use cases like facility identifier? A - Bryant: Facility identifier is in USCDI v4, Q - Bryant: There are more priority areas, will they be considered for future years? A - ONC: There are many priority areas right now – open for discussion. Q - Walter: other USCDI+ areas (Quality, Equity etc.) can we talk about it? A - ONC: ONC will unfold them in the future due to current bandwidth with the amount of work. Sarah Gaunt: FHIR API for all these use cases? HRSA and other relevant programs/teams will be working in this. Q - Danny W: Ambulatory care – how is that being embedded into USCDI/USCDI+? A - ONC: Need to be worked out based on the need.
    • North Star Architecture: Building blocks being worked out. 
    • TEFCA: Started in 2021 and continuing to advance – Q1/Q2 – accepting new QHINs; Need to develop TEFCA PH SOP and PH IGs (not HL7 IGs); Q - Erin Holt: STLTs have questions for they need to be oriented about TEFCA. A - ONC: we agree; A - Digital Bridge – playbook or guides would help; C - Bryant K: STLTs that have low resources (HR) for advancement, more help may be needed educating/implementing.
    • FHIR advancement and strategy - SVAP process set by ONC.
    • Certification of IT & data systems (will continue tomorrow 20230117 Q1)

Action items