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Nathan Bunker, Greg Hintz, Danny Wise, Daryl Chertcoff, François Kaag, Faisal Reza, Chrissy Miner, Eric Larson, Craig Newman, Mack Orlin, Ciarra Nelson, Enzo Rossi, Fikru Mekonnen, Grey Faulkenberry

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DHIS2 as a Public Health System.pdf

Presentation about how DHIS2 supports immunization programs across the world. Link:

Background: DHIS2 is developed as an open-source software platform and provided without licensing fees as a global public good to help support sustainable development goals. The DHIS2 project is supported by international investors and software providers

Touchbase to tell the group about what DHIS2 is doing. 

  • Open source platform for data analysis. 
  • Started in 1994, always used for health
  • Has REST API for interoperability
  • Big community
  • Information for action

Report back on roundtable discussion at HL7 WGM. 20230911 Q4 PHWG WGM Minutes

Question about engaging with Sparksoft in regards to IZ Gateway. Eric Larson 

  • IV&V for the IZ Gateway, interviewed us last year, asked if we wanted to meet again this year
  • We had difficulty in answering the questions last year, hoping we can have the meeting again
  • For Digital Bridge they were looking for things have gone in the past year on how things have gone. 
  • There is a cross-over with Digital Bridge who has a call next week with them. 
  • The challenge is understanding where the perspectives are coming from. 
  • Seems reasonable as long as they understand the limitations, that we can't speak for HL7 specifically
  • Biggest feedback about what needs to come to HL7, and what doesn't need to come to HL7
  • Need them to be aware of the next IG for immunizations
  • Eric will see if Audacious Inquiry  to see if they can meet with Public Health on a Thursday call.
  • Then Sparksoft can meet with us after that. Likely the Friday call, we can talk to AI to verify. 
FHIR tickets

FHIR-40267 - Getting issue details... STATUS Defer to when Clément is on the call. 

Discussed a little bit but need to review search requirements here:

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

The ballot is so big they want to break it into sub-ballots. They want WG to nominate their resources for a sub-ballot. Before we can do that we have to get through the 5 outstanding tickets. 

Manufacturer is probably not a cohesive term. There are re-labelers and the organization that makes it might not be the same name as what goes on the vaccine. Are there different types of manufacturers? Create vs reseller? What does the concept of "manufacturer" means the world today. What sort of options do we need there. François can pose the question to the European manufacturers. Reach out to Enzo ask him too. 

Less important. Want WG to review extensions on their resources to ensure they make sense and are not duplicative. Don't think we have many on our resources. But will show up on our agenda. "Does this extension make sense?"

Future of FHIR
Review organization of future focus areas
Converting ImmunizationRecommendation to MedicationRequest
Converted discussion to a stand alone page. Converting ImmunizationRecommendation to MedicationRequest
What next steps are needed? 
Questionnaire Resource

Details of current proposal are here: Questionnaire Resource - Using with Immunization DS

Progress so far:

  • Questionnaire looks like a workable solution, at least on paper. 
  • User Cas

Reaction to meeting with Helios. Is the Questionnaire applicable anywhere else in public health or is it really unique to what we are doing for immunizations? 

What next steps should we take? 

  • Create demonstration/feasibility demonstration?
  • Server Side:
    • Mentor (Mes Vaccins) has a the support for Questionnaire, they could build a front end in FHIR. But they need a system on the outside to query it. 
    • Lone Star Forecaster - adapt with FHIR front-end, don't yet support questionnaire, 
    • ICE - give it a shot, add some FHIR capabilities
  • Client
    • EHR Sandbox - might be able to modify
    • HLN is interested in helping, might be able to create user front end
    • LHC FHIR Tools (
  • Need to map out the workflows
    • Need to map out the roles of the client/server
  • Might also want to add Patient Portal in their own system, or if questions can be presented to patients via KIOSK.
  • Where we need to progress is to also retrieve the data from the intermediate system. 

Next Calls

Next call October 13

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