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Becky Angeles Carradora Health
Craig Newman Altarum
Cynthia (Cindy) Bush CDC/NCHS
Dan Rutz Epic
Danny Wise Allscripts
Dave deRoode Lantana Consulting Group
Elysa Jones OASIS
Erin Holt TN Dept of Health
Fikru Debebe Mekonnen CDC
Inder TDH
Jason Barnes Utah Department of Health and Human Services
Justine Maxwell TN DOH
Katie Tully ONC
Maria Michaels CDC
Mike Flanigan Carradora Health
Nagesh Bashyam
Ravi Kafle WA DOH
Sarah Gaunt Lantana Consulting Group
Shirley Burton CDC/NIOSH
Sophia Cantor CSTE/WA State DOH


Discussion items





5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval Erin Holt Coyne
  • No changes to the agenda
  • Minutes from last week were approved
  • All members were recommended to listen to the ONC TEFCA for Public Health webinar presented earlier on 1/12
    • There is a specific call to action for STLTs to be involved in defining the Public Health SOP for TEFCA
10 minFinalize WGM AgendaErin Holt Coyne
  • Human Services WG asked for 15 minutes with us at WGM
    • Proposing Tuesday Q3 but also possibly Q1 if that works better for them
  • Cindy Bush asked for Vital Records update time
    • Added to Tuesday Q3
  • Vocab is hosting Gender Harmony discussions Mon Q4 and Wed Q4.
  • Will look at Jira ticket reports Mon Q1
  • ONC updates added Mon Q3
10 minLongitudinal Maternal & Infant Health Information for Research FHIR IG Publication RequestDave deRoode
  • Dave will circulate a link to the CI build (proposed content) for WG review
  • Dave will add the official publication request to a call after WGM
10 minImmunization Jira TicketCraig Newman

FHIR-39015 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Previously, the dose number and series number had a data type choice (either Positive Integer or String)
  • Leading up to R4, we made the change to just allow String
  • There has been no further information on how systems are systematically parsing this data today that would benefit from allowing the data type choice to remain

Motion to find non-persuasive (Craig Newman/Danny Wise: 19:0:0)

10 minMedMorph Reference Architecture comments from ONCDragon
  • FHIR-39672
  • FHIR-39673
  • FHIR-39674
  • FHIR-39675
  • These tickets were discussed last week
  • Motion to approve the block of 4 issues as previously proposed (Dragon Bashyam/Maria Michaels 20:0:0)
  • The subscriptions R4 back port was published yesterday, so once Dragon updates the reference, the MedMorph team will follow up with FMG

Action items