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Austin Kreisler Leidos
Becky Angeles Carradora Health
Chirine Chehab CDC
Craig Newman Altarum
Crystal Snare APHL
Dan Rutz Epic
Danny Wise Allscripts
Forrest White Altarum
Genny Luensman ATL, Inc. (contractor for CDC/NIOSH)
Inder TDH
Josh Bagley GDIT
Justine Maxwell TN DOH
Kathy Walsh Labcorp
Katie Tully ONC
Kristi Eckerson HLN Consulting, LLC
Laura Conn CDC/CSELS
Laura Rappleye Altarum
Maria Michaels CDC
Matt Rahn HHS/ONC
Mike Flanigan Carradora Health
Molly Murray ONC
Ravi Kafle WA DOH
Shirley Burton CDC/NIOSH
Tony Winters PHII

Chair: Laura Rappleye 

Scribe: Danny Wise 

Discussion items





5 min.Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval Laura
  • due to the holidays, our previous call was on Dec. 15th
  • Dec. 15th minutes approved as posted; no concerns or corrections raised
10 min.Update WGM AgendaLaura

2023-01 Public Health WGM Agenda

  • Gravity IG review Tues. Q3
  • ODH updates also Tues. Q3
  • Immunization roundtable Tues. Q4
  • Helios Birds of a Feather Tues. Q5
  • Helios update Wed. Q2
20 min.Immunization Jira TicketsCraig
  • FHIR-39442 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Base Immunization resource references a value set for "reason" element ( with "example" binding strength, but one of the included SNOMED-CT codes is no longer active (281657000 "Travel vaccinations")
    • Commenter indicated that the SNOMED on FHIR workgroup recommends replacement SNOMED-CT code 14747002 "Elective immunisation for international travel"
    • Commenter also reccommended adding a few other codes to this value set for "pre-exposure prophylaxis" and "post-exposure prophylaxis," and / or the parent "Administration of prophylactic treatment" of both of those
    • Disposition “Persuasive with Mod" approved; will only update the inactive code and not add the other codes (since this is just “example” binding – other values can be added in IG-specific profiles of the Immunization resource) – 32-0-0 (motion: Craig, second: Dragon)
  • FHIR-39016 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Immunization.recorded was previously removed in R5 because there was some confusion about what it represented and not a clear use case ( FHIR-34301 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • FHIR-I had a recent ticket ( FHIR-39485 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) about clarifying .recorded for the Event pattern, which is used for the Immunization resource
    • Even with this clarification, we haven't heard a clear need / use care for it for Immunization (i.e., outside the 80/20 rule)
    • There is low adoption of Event.recorded among other Event-based resources
    • Disposition "Not Persuasive” approved; will continue to omit Immunization.reason 31-0-2 (motion: Craig, second: Ravi)
  • FHIR-39015 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Due to time limitations, will table for a future call
25 min.MedMorph Reference Architecture comments from ONCDragon
  • MedMorph Reference Architecture IG publication request was originally approved for publication by the WG on Sept. 1st
  • FMG subsequently indicated the IG could not be published as-is and that further changes were needed (see details from Oct. 13th minutes)
  • Those changes have been now been made, and a publication re-approval request was presented on Dec. 15th, but Katie Tully from ONC had requested to delay the vote as they had a few additional comments forthcoming
    • POST-MEETING NOTE: publication was also previously re-approved already on Oct. 27th
  • 4 new comments were posted on Dec. 21st:
  • project team has added proposed resolutions, and several of the comments are already addressed
  • ONC had not had an opportunity to review these proposed resolutions yet and requested the publication re-approval vote be delayed another week
  • Since these comments were submitted outside of the ballot process, it is acceptable to proceed with publication and address these comments in a future version
  • This IG is counting against the WG's PBS metrics as an idle ballot since it has not published in 2+ cycles since balloting
  • WG re-approved publication as-is without resolving these 4 tickets; will fully address them for a future version 29-0-2 (motion: Maria, second: Sarah)