Date: Sept 22, 2022

Quarter: Q3

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Admin wrap up.

Discussion items

50 minAdmin Wrap upDanny

Admin wrap up

  • Confirm Facilitator assignments
    • Does AMS want to continue serving as a modeling facilitator?
    • Craig will stay as V2 and conformance facilitators
    • Need to confirm with Sarah about CDA and FHIR
    • Confirm with Ravi for Vocab
    • Gora TSC rep
    • UTG- Check with AMS
    • Discuss this on next week’s call.
  • Schedule for conference calls for next period- completed
  • Assign co-chair to monitor Project Proposals and PSSs
    • Danny will take this over
    • Received one PSS already- Value based proposal- PH indicated that we are not interested. For the PSS- we have no tasks assigned.
  • Draft agenda for next WGM 
    • CDS will be inviting PH reps to join them for a discussion of joint topics on Wed Q4 in January
  • Room request for next WGM- haven’t received links yet
  • Project scope statement (PSS) status and plans- nothing to discuss
  • Ballot and harmonization planning – nothing to discuss
  • Review project portfolio
  • Workgroup metrics
    • Need to tackle outstanding JIRA tickets for projects
    • Cancer- tickets from STU comment page conversation. Withhold publication of the cancer content IG until these are resolved. Need to talk to Sandy Jones.
    • Syndromic- Erin to reach out to Karl and invite to call to talk through plans and resolution of comments  
    • MedMorph Surveys and Longitudinal Maternal Health need to go to publishing
    • Smart healthcards- need to follow up on the status. No recon completed, Not published.
    • Diagnostic Audiology – waiting on LOINC
  • New business- none
  • Imm & FHIR
    • Llyod wants expected immunization related changes in R5, even without those changes going to ballot.
    • Need to decide what maturity level Imm is currently at. Will start these discussions on the vaccination calls starting next week and then will bring to main call.
    • Resource ImmunizationRecomendation- recommendation is 1..*, does that mean then ImmunizationRecomendation represents the one recommendation per vaccine? The resource it self would be 1 per recommendation, the recommendation may include multiple vaccine recommendations or the full set of vaccine recommendations
    • What are the guiderails around what the implications are for maturity if you remove a resource.

Action items